Blogging Training

Hey… I am very happy today to announce that I am starting online blogging training (live), where I will be personally training the individuals to make them a perfect blogger.

Whether you are planning to start your first blog or if you already own a blog but not getting enough visitors or not making any money from your blog, here in this blogging training I will be training you and helping you to succeed with your blog.

It’s been almost 5 years when I first started blogging. Where I learned everything the hard way. Today being a successful blogger, I don’t want you to go through the same phase. Here in this blogging training, I will be personally training and guiding you through the process so that you become successful with your blog. It’s not just any other training or course, here I will be with you in the entire process.

I took a decision to start my blog 5 years back and today I am living a boss-free life. Now just think about this, If you would have taken the exact same decision which I took 5 years back, you could be making the same amount of money which I am making today or maybe even more. Now you might be thinking that am I too late to start blogging today? No, absolutely not, this is the time you can take the decision.

Remember! The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. You are never too late to take any decision. I guarantee that this one decision can transform your life in the next 6-8 months. I can say this with conviction because I have changed mine… now it’s time for you to take the decision.

This is an online live training (not recorded videos) where I will be personally teaching you (one-to-one) everything about starting a blog and making your blog a success. In this blogging training program, you will learn everything in just 5 days what it took me one year to learn the harder way, I wish I would have someone to train me.

Details About The Blogging Training

Mode of Training: It will be an online training using Google Meet or Zoom (training will be pre-scheduled as per the convenience of all the participants. You’ll get a private invitation from me before the training to join the online live training program).

Duration: 5 Days (2 Hours Daily)

Timings: 09:00 PM – 11:00 PM (India) The timings for the online training can be adjusted/changed as per the convenience of all the participants and the same will be informed to all the participants the day before the training.

Training Fee: Rs. 12000 or USD 240 Only

Payment Method: You will have to send an email to with the title “Interested For Blogging Training“. After receiving your mail I’ll send you the payment details where you can make the online payment.

Number Of Participants: Up to 5 only (yes, each batch of this blogging training is limited to 5 participants only (minimum 1 participants also), so that I can focus on every individual) and obviously the entry will be on a first come first serve basis.

Special Note: The language of training will be ENGLISH and/or HINDI only.

Support: I am not going to leave you alone after providing this blogging training because I’ll fail if you’ll fail, so my 100% concern would be to show you the right path to make your blog successful. Further, if you stuck somewhere in the future, you can ping me, I will definitely reply to you back and will try my best to help you with your queries.

What Else: You will get lifetime access to my private Facebook and Telegram groups (you can ask questions anytime). Also, I will suggest you the best tools and share with you the tips and techniques (I’ve learned in years) to further grow your blog.

Last But Not The Least: This would be an in-depth blogging training to help you start your blogging career and making your blog successful. We can have an online meet anytime if you will face any issues in the future (Yes, I will be there for you).

Blogging Training Modules

Module #1: Basics of Blogging and WordPress

  • How to pick the right niche to start your blog
  • Why do most bloggers fail (you don’t repeat those mistakes)
  • Choosing the right blogging platform for your blog/website
  • Creating your WordPress blog (All required settings)
  • Selecting the right theme and plugins for your blog
  • Designing your blog the best and professional way, you want
  • Very basic but extremely harmful blogging mistakes

Module #2: Basics and Advanced SEO Training

  • Understanding the SEO (people’s search psychology)
  • How to pick low search but top money-making keywords
  • The practical way of the right keyword research approach
  • An advanced on-page SEO optimization (writing SEO-Friendly posts on your blog)
  • Techniques to help you get started with the Off-Page SEO

Module #3: Working With Content For Your Blog

  • Creating some of the important pages for your blog
  • Creating engaging content (do’s, don’t, length, quality, keywords, and a lot more)
  • How to make your readers very curious about your post
  • How to get people to click on your headlines and read your blog content
  • Trigger words to force people to buy your products
  • Understanding the psychology of people reading your reviews

Module #4: Drive Traffic and Make Money Online

  • Various (Best) options to make money from your blog
  • How to make money even when only 100 people are reading your articles (top secret)
  • How to debunk the psychology to make money with less traffic
  • Right strategies to get more traffic on your blog
  • Affiliate marketing in the right way (will reveal secrets)

Some Common Questions (FAQs)

Question #1: I don’t have money, so what to do?

Even I didn’t have money when I started. Remember, nothing is free in our life, either we pay with price or with time. So, by investing your hard-earned money in this course/training, you can save at least one year of hard work. Now, you have to make the decision, is it worth to spend your precious time and save this small training fee, the choice is yours.

Question #2: What is the guarantee that I’ll make money?

Remember, Even life never gives any guarantee but still we hope and make plans for tomorrow. Anyway, I’ll put my 100% to help you succeed and provide you the right tools (suggestions) to get success in blogging. I don’t see any reasons to fail if you use the right strategies and the right set of tools on your blog. Of course, one may succeed in less time and others may need more time to reach the same level, depends on an individual’s efforts. The guarantee is your mindset, we actually believe what we want to believe.

Question #3: Is there any money back guarantee?

Sorry but NO. Due to the nature of the business/service where I will be putting my 10-12 hours to teach everything from my heart and experience, it won’t be possible for me to offer you a refund or any sort of money back guarantee.

Question #4: How much time it’s going to take to earn money?

Approx 6 To 9 Months. As we are going to learn 100% ethical and legit methods which are going to make money for a lifetime, so it will take that much time. There might be some quick methods as well, but I don’t teach such stuff because we call them blackhat money-making strategies (get-rich-quick scheme) which are not ethical and not legit too (I personally don’t recommend or endorse such methods).

Question #5: How can I pay and enroll in the training?

You’ll have to send an email to with the title “Interested For Blogging Training“. This blogging training is open for 5 people only (minimum 1 participant also) which is obviously a first come first serve basis. After receiving your mail I’ll send you the payment details where you can make the online payment.


The only person who can change your life is YOU. Join hands with me and see where your life goes in the next few months or in 1 year. Don’t hold yourself if you want to be your own boss (want to start your career in blogging or want to make your blog successful). All the very best. Let’s meet in the training session.