How To Get Quality Backlinks For SEO In 2023

Get Quality Backlinks

We all know the importance of getting quality backlinks in SEO. Google (and other search engines too) considers backlinks as vote or recommendations. Which means more backlinks to your website or blog, more votes to your website and blog.

Backlinks have been one of the important ranking factors in SEO. Links help Google and other search engines to determine how trustworthy your site is. It helps you improve your website’s search engine ranking and visibility.

Earlier people used to trick the search engine’s algorithm by creating lots of (low quality) backlinks through some “Black-HAT” techniques. But, after Google updates, it’s not at all possible now. For site owners that used to rely on these shady link-building tactics, this is bad news.

Getting quality backlinks to your website or blog is not that difficult too if you follow the right backlinks building strategy. Here, in this post, I will tell you some of the link building techniques for long-term SEO value. So, do follow the post till the end to know “How to get backlinks for SEO in 2023“.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from other websites to your website. They are also known as “Inbound Links” or “External Links” to your website.

Simply putting, when someone in his website adds a link to one of your post or page, you get a backlink. Ideally, it seems like an organic process but it requires some efforts from your side to get the quality backlinks.

Types of Backlinks

Remember! All backlinks are not the same. Depending on the nature of the link, there are generally two types of backlinks.

dofollow & nofollow links: Google and other search engines just do not count “nofollow” links, they simply ignore that. A link without a “nofollow” tag is known as a “dofollow” link. Below are the examples:

dofollow link: <a href="">start a blog</a>

nofollow link: <a href="" rel="nofollow">start a blog</a>

With “nofollow” tag you won’t get any link juice to your website. So, if you are building backlinks for SEO purpose, go for “dofollow” backlinks.

Do note that “nofollow” links are still worth. They prevent your link building campaigns from looking too spammy and they provide solid referral traffic as well if they come from high traffic sites. Thus, you need to have both types of backlinks.

You can get “nofollow” links easily through blog comments, press releases, profile links, so you don’t need to worry about “nofollow” links. For SEO, as only “dofollow” links are counted, you have to focus on building “dofollow” backlinks only and try to get as many of them you can get to your site.

What Are Quality Backlinks?

Now, this is important. While building the backlinks, quality matters the most. A single quality backlink can be more powerful than thousands of low-quality backlinks. In simple words, if you want to improve your ranking in Google search, you need to focus on building quality backlinks.

But, how do you know if a link is high quality or low quality?

As we know low-quality links to your website can really harm to your website ranking. So, you need to have a checklist while building high-quality backlinks to your website. Here are the five (5) things that make a link, quality backlink.

#1 Link That Come From Trusted, Authoritative Websites

A backlink that comes from a high authoritative website carries more weight than a backlink from a low authoritative website. So, in order to get a backlink, you have to focus on highly trusted and high authoritative websites.

Domain Authority is one of the ways you can check the website authority. Just go to this website and enter the domain name for which you want to check the authority. Also, you can get MozBar, so that you can check the domain authority (and other on-page metrics) of every website that you open in your browser.

Note: Link from a high domain authority website is considered as quality backlink.

#2 Linking Site (and Page) Should Be Related To Your Site

This is very important.

Google and other search engines give more weight to those backlinks that come from a website (page) that is related with your own website or page.

Say for example: If you have published an article on weight loss, you should try to get the backlinks from websites related to nutrition, fitness and health-related websites. In simple words, focus on getting backlinks from the related or closely related websites.

#3 Target Keywords In The Anchor Text

Anchor text is the visible text of a link. You can check the link given above (a few paragraph above), the text “MozBar” is the anchor text of that link.

Anchor text containing the keywords in a backlink is good unless that looks spammy. Also, while building backlinks to your website you should include the different variations (synonyms or LSI keywords) of your keywords in the anchor text.

Be cautious, don’t go overboard with keyword-rich anchor text, as with “Penguin” update, Google can easily catch that and treat that as spam. In that case, it won’t do any good to your website, instead, it may harm your website ranking.

#4 Should be a “dofollow” link

As we discussed above, Google and other search engines only considers “dofollow” backlinks, they simply neglect the links with “nofollow” tags. So, if SEO is your goal, consider getting only “dofollow” links to your website or blog.

A quick warning here, having only “dofollow” links will look like spam. So you have to get the mix of both, I personally suggest a ratio to 70:30 between dofollow and nofollow backlinks. Getting nofollow links will not be difficult, so just focus on getting dofollow links so that link juice is passed to your website along with referral traffic.

#5 Link From Unique Domain

Do note, 100 links from 100 different domains carry more weight than 100 links from a same (one) domain.

Simply putting, if you get the 1st link from a high authoritative website, it will carry more weight, but the 2nd, 3rd or 4th link from the same website will not be that powerful. So, instead of getting links from the same domain, try to get the links from many websites related to your niche.

How To Get Quality Backlinks In 2023?

Now you know what kinds of links you need to get to your website or blog to get higher ranking in search engine results. So, let’s look at how you can get them.

There are many ways you can get backlinks to your site but here in this post, I will talk about the top and easy ways you can get them.

#1 Guest Blogging

Guest blogging still one of the top ways to get the backlinks.

Guest blogging is simply writing on other high authority blogs that are related to your niche (website). In fact, to everyone new in an online business, I suggest writing less on their own website and doing more guest blogging.

This helps you in two ways (especially when your website or blog is new), you get a quality backlink and it will help you in getting referral traffic as well to your new website or blog, that might be hardly getting any traffic.

Also, unlike in content marketing, you have more control here in guest blogging. As you write the article, so you can intelligently place your keywords in the anchor text (of course you should not overdo that).

You can easily find the guest post opportunity in your niche just searching on Google. Say, for example, you want to write a guest post related to “SEO”, You can use the “Google Search Operators” given below.

seo inurl:write-for-us or seo “write for us”

Google Search Guest Blogging

Here, you can see lots of websites, where you can guest post your article. Do check their domain authority and read their guidelines for guest posting. Shortlist the list of websites (with high domain authority and where they provide dofollow link) where you want to guest post and then approach the website owner with your offer.

#2 Infographics

Just like guest blogging, you can also publish infographics on other authoritative websites in your niche. An infographic is nothing but information+graphics, which means an image containing information.

If you have an in-house designer, you can ask him to create an infographic or you can head over to Canva, where you can easily create an infographic in just a couple of hours. Once your infographic is ready you can reach out to the bloggers and website owners who are more likely to publish your infographic.

Once they publish your infographic, they will link that to your website (Something like “source: your link” or “infographic by: your link”). This is one of the easiest and effective ways to get the quality backlinks to your site.

#3 Blog Commenting

Once blog commenting used to be the easiest and most popular ways to get the backlinks, but it’s not the case now, as most of the time, links in blog comments are marked as “nofollow”.

Still, if you spend some time, you will find many top authoritative blogs providing “dofollow” links in the blog comments. Either way blog commenting helps you in two ways, one you get the referral traffic and nofollow links that make your link building campaign more natural and second you get the opportunity to make relation with the blogger where you can do a guest post later.

Do note, never go and try to spam someone’s blog with your comment (your comment will never be published), write valuable comments that adds value to that blog post.

#4 PR (Press Release)

Another great way to get quality backlink is press releases. Press release sites provide content to news sites. These news sites are generally very popular and carry high authority. If done properly, you can easily build quality backlinks from these top and authoritative news sites.

In order to build backlinks through the press releases, you should make sure you have a newsworthy and attractive title. This will make more people (news sites) interested in your press release and you can get more backlinks.

An important point to note here, make sure you add links to your website in the body of your press release content, this will help you fight against people scraping your content without giving credit (linking to your website).

#5 Social Networking Site Profile

Social Networking sites usually carry high authority and from many of these social sites you can easily get a dofollow backlink just by creating your profile.

This is one of the most under-used methods of getting quality backlinks to your site. Just create your business profile (or even personal if they don’t have the option for a business profile) on every social networking site (even if you don’t like to use them).

Add links to your website in the profile (you may get that option in the bio section). This is one of the easiest methods, that is really going to help you. So if you have not created profiles on any of those popular social networking sites, just do it today. And, if you already have your profile there, just check if you have added your website link or not. This small step will really help you in improving your website ranking.

#6 Competitor Link Analysis

It’s a reverse engineering method, It means analyzing your competitors’ link profiles to find new backlink opportunities (It’s like spying on your competitor).

It is so powerful that, Matthew Woodward rates this as his favorite SEO tricks. If you get the mastery in this technique, you will never look for opportunities for link building. Here, you can use OpenLinkProfiler to analyze your competitors link profile.


Just enter your competitor’s domain name and you can see all backlinks to that domain. Which means if they are linking to your competitor’s site, they will most likely link to your website too.

Do a proper analysis like what kind of content is linked, anchor text, if the link is dofollow or nofollow or if the link is from a guest post etc. Then reach out to those website owners for link opportunity (guest blogging).

#7 Reverse Image Search

This is again a smart link building technique which I came to know from Brian Dean’s Blog. Just find out someone from your industry (maybe your competitor) who does lots of guest posting.

Then go to one of his published blog posts, find out the URL of his profile image (usually you can find that at the end of the post in author bio). Viewing the page source can easily give you the URL of that image.

Use the Google Image Search and search for that image. Magic, you will get to see the URLs of all his blog posts. Now you can further do some analysis and reach those website owners for guest post opportunity.

Google Reverse Image Search

#8 Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the quickest and easiest ways you can get the quality backlinks to your site. Most of the product or service websites publish client’s testimonials on the home page or landing pages or even have a dedicated page for testimonials.

To add more credibility to testimonials they add the website URLs as well.

The strategy is straight forward, just reach out to those companies whose products or services you are using (or used in the past) and write a testimonial for their products or services and you will easily get a backlink to your website.

#9 Broken Link Method

This is a bit tricky.

Here, you need to find out those websites (related to your niche) that are closed or re-branded (changed the domain name) and then find out the websites linking to that website, you can use OpenLinkProfiler tool to get all these info.

Then you can reach those webmasters to help them fix the broken links on their website. You can ask them to link to your website as the old website they are still linking does not exist. This technique really works as no one wants a broken link in their website, they would like to fix that quickly and will link to your site.

#10 Content Marketing

Content marketing has been one of the best and most effective ways to get quality backlinks to your blog and it works today as well.

The strategy here is to create an epic content (an epic content is in-depth, lengthy, have lots of stats, images etc.) on your website and then reach to the bloggers in your niche who would most likely to link to your epic content.

The whole strategy looks simple but most of the time people fails at the first step, i.e. in creating an epic content. It’s simple, if your content is not worth linking out, no body would link to that content.

Also, if you have published an epic article, you can submit that in article directories. Do note that, the directory you choose should be related to your niche and should have high authority. Also, you need to check if they provide “dofollow” links, as a “nofollow” link has almost no value in SEO.

Last but very important thing in content marketing is the proper use of anchor text. You have to intelligently use the anchor text when you go for content marketing so that you can get more clicks and referral traffics.


So now, you know all links are not the same and how important it is to have quality backlinks to your website in order to rank higher in the search results.

I am sure if you follow the techniques above, you can get lots of quality backlinks to your website and you can rank your website at the top in the search engine’s result pages. Which obviously means lots of traffic and lots of business.

This is it from me. I hope this guide helps you in building quality backlinks to your website or blog. Now it’s your turn, do let me know “how you build backlinks to your website?” in the comment section below.

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