WordPress Website Migration Services

In case you want to change your hosting and/or domain name for your WordPress website or blog, with our WordPress website migration services, we will migrate your WordPress website safely to the new location (server). We aim for zero downtime when migrating your WordPress website to new location. In fact, we have safely and successfully migrated 80% of the WordPress website with zero downtime.

Best For Small Startup Websites

$ 133

  • INR: ₹ 10000
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  • For 1-50 Pages Websites

Best For Medium Business Websites

$ 199

  • INR: ₹ 15000
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  • For 50-100 Pages Sites

Best For Large Enterprise Website

$ 332

  • INR: ₹ 25000
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  • For 100-500 Pages Sites
  • Full Website Backup
  • Safe Data Migration
  • DNS Configuration
  • Testing After Migration
  • Delivery
WordPress Website Migration Services in India

When managing a WordPress website or blog, we all have to go through this process at some point in time where we need to migrate our WordPress site to a different server. Migrating a WordPress website is a bit of a headache as it involves migrating files, databases, then reconfiguring the permalinks and other settings, which sometimes leads to misconfiguration and breaks the website.

But no worries now, you can opt for our WordPress website migration services in India and our WordPress experts will safely migrate your website to the new location with almost zero downtime and zero loss. 


It is highly recommended that you take professional help when migrating your WordPress site to a new location or else your whole website may break and you may lose search ranking. We can help you migrate your WordPress website safely.

We take full backup of your website using different tools (also manually) so that if one backup does not work, we can use the other.

We then migrate the WordPress files and database. We migrate website manually and we execute this very carefully to ensure zero errors.

we aim for minimum downtime when migrating your WordPress website to new website hosting to ensure a minimum loss.

Then we ask you to update the DNS records or if we have access to your website’s DNS manager, we will update the DNS records.

Once the website migration and configuration are done, we do the proper testing to make sure everything is working fine.

We ensure the whole process of WordPress website migration is smooth and safe, your satisfaction is our satisfaction.


Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about our WordPress Website Migration Services in India that will help in your decision. Do contact us if you have any question about our WordPress Blog Migration Services.

Can you transfer my website to any hosting server?

Yes, we can transfer your WordPress website to any server/hosting that supports WordPress. To be sure, do contact us and your hosting company before placing the order.

Will my website experience any downtime?

Though we aim to keep downtime to a minimum. Your downtime actually depends on how long your domain’s DNS needs to propagate, though we aim for zero downtime.

How much time it will take to migrate my website?

The WordPress website migration usually takes a couple of hours, it depends on the website size and DNS propagation. We ensure a smooth and secure migration.

What about the domain email addresses?

If you have created email addresses with your old website hosting provider then you will need to re-create the email address with your new web hosting provider. 

Can I change the domain name also, with the hosting?

Yes, if you want, our WordPress experts can transfer your website to a new web host and configure your WordPress website to work with your new domain name.

What info do you need for WordPress site migration?

We will need your current and new hosting account details (also, domain name login) and your WordPress login details to start the migration (you can change login details later).


Planning to move your WordPress website/blog to a new hosting? Let my team safely migrate your WordPress websites to the new location (new website hosting server) so that you can sit relax and focus on your core business.