Professional Blog Audit Service In Delhi, India

Are you a passionate blogger looking to take your blog to new heights of success? Introducing our professional blog audit service in Delhi, India, whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting your digital journey, our blogging expert team is here to analyze, strategize, and elevate your blog to its full potential. Hundreds and thousands of blogs start in a month but only a few get success in their blogging career. I can help you review and audit your blog so that you can fix those issues on your blog and get successful early and easily in your blogging career.

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Professional Blog Audit Service In Delhi, Noida, India

If you are planning to start your blog I can help you set up your blog in a professional way so that you can just focus on creating quality content on your blog. Do you already have a blog? And, are you still not getting success in your blogging career? There might be some issues with your blog setup or in your blog post writing style or maybe in terms of SEO, link building, or in the monetization of your blog.

In my blog auditing services, I will audit and review every important element of your blog, your blogging niche, blog style, content, SEO, backlinks, monetization, and I will tell you the issues you can fix to further grow your blog.


In order to succeed in blogging, you have to treat your blog as a real business and have a professional approach in blogging. The failure rate in blogging is very high and I don’t want you being one of them. I will help you fix the issues in your blog.


In the fiercely competitive world of blogging, choosing the right niche is paramount. I will review your blogging niche and give you ideas on the type of articles you need to publish on your blog considering your niche.


First impressions matter, and your blog’s design plays a crucial role in captivating visitors. I will audit your blog design and will be going through the content you’ve written on your blog and then provide you the actionable feedback.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backbone of any successful blog. In my blog audit service, I will check the on-page SEO of your site – internal linking, site architecture, speed, link attributes, etc for better search ranking.


High-quality backlinks are crucial for boosting your blog’s authority and search engine rankings. I will review your blog’s off-page SEO and link-building strategies and then suggest to you the things, you need to fix.


Our blog monetization audit is tailored to help you explore various revenue streams. I will personally review your current monetization strategies on your blog and will suggest to you other blog content monetization ways.


At our blog audit service in Delhi, India, we understand that each blog is unique, with distinct requirements. We will be running your blog through our detailed checklists to make sure you are not committing any mistakes.


Here’re some of the most common and frequently asked questions about our blog auditing services in Delhi, India, that will help you make your decision. If you have a question not answered here, do contact our team, we will be happy to answer your questions.

What are the things I will get after the blog audit?

I will review your blog in-depth and send you a recorded video of 10-15 minutes (and also in text format) with the suggestions you can implement on your blog for maximum earning.

Is the blog audit/review done by Ghanshyam Rao?

Yes, I will personally go through your blog and will audit/review your blog and record all the actionable suggestions that you can implement on your blog to grow your blog further.

Can I submit multiple blogs of audit/review?

You can submit as many blogs as you want to be reviewed. You need to order (buy) the blog audit services multiple times for the number of blogs you want me to audit or review.

What will be the turn-out time to audit my blog?

It will take 2-3 days for me to review and audit your blog, record the video, and send it to you (or, even earlier)! If you have multiple blogs to be reviewed, it may take a bit more time.

Do you offer after-review services?

Yes, being a professional blogger and having a team of developers, we can provide after-review services. If you need and want, you can hire me and my team to fix the issue on your blog.

What do I need to do after placing the order?

You will get an email from our side, you have to send your blog URL to the provided email address and then after the audit, we will send you the actionable report on your email address.


I have been doing blogging, digital marketing, and SEO for so many years, and in fact, I am a professional blogger today. Let’s connect and I will explain to you how I can help you grow your blog and your online business with our blog audit service in India.