Successful Blogging Guide (Download eBook)

Hey! I am really excited for you today because you took the decision to start your own blog. I am sure you have lots of doubts about blogging.

When I started blogging I was in the same position you are now – I was really confused as to what to do and where to start with. I went through a lot of struggles and faced many problems in the starting days of blogging. I did a lot of mistakes too. Being a successful blogger today, I have written an eBook, which will guide you through the process of “Building A Successful Blog“.

It’s an easy to follow, step-by-step guide. All you have to do is follow along and in the next few days, you will have jump-started your blogging career. It’s really very easy (don’t require any technical knowledge, anyone can easily follow this guide) and each lesson of the book will take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

What You Will Learn?

Here in this E-Book, I will be covering everything about blogging. I am sure after this you won’t need any other guide to make your blog successful.

Lesson #1: Blogging intro and why do people blog?

  • Types of blogs?
  • Why should you start blogging?
  • Can you make money from your blog? (Quick answer, YES)
  • What is a blog? (A quick and detailed overview)

Lesson #2: How to choose a perfect niche for your blog?

  • What is a perfect “Niche” to start your blog?
  • How to choose a perfect niche for your blog?
  • Important Points while choosing a niche for your blog

Lesson #3: How to setup your blog foundation?

  • Essential requirements for a blog
  • Why you should not choose free blogging platforms?
  • Choosing a suitable domain name for your blog
  • Choosing the best web hosting for your blog
  • Buying web hosting and the domain name

Lesson #4: WordPress Installation and Setup

  • WordPress Introduction (why it’s best for the blog)
  • WordPress Installation and Setup (easy step-by-step guide)
  • Customize your blog (theme installation)
  • A quick introduction to WordPress Plugins
  • List of Important (Best) Free WordPress Plugins

Lesson #5: How to create content for your blog

  • How to create pages?
  • How to create posts?
  • What is the difference between a post and a page?

Lesson #6: Creating important Pages for your blog

  • Creating “about us” page
  • Creating “contact us” page
  • Creating other Important Pages

Lesson #7: Writing your first blog post

  • Keyword Research
  • Writing an SEO friendly blog post on your blog
  • How to create good content for your blog

Lesson #8: How to build an email list and why it’s important?

  • Why it is very important to build an email list?
  • How to build an email list?
  • What are lead magnets and how to create them?

Lesson #9: How to make money from your blog?

  • How to make money from your blog? (Various Ways)
  • A quick introduction to Google Adsense
  • An introduction to affiliate marketing
  • An introduction to sponsored blog posts

Lesson #10: How to drive traffic to your blog

  • How to drive traffic to your blog/website?
  • SEO (short introduction)
  • Guest Blogging

Lesson #11: Further optimizing (improving) your blog

  • Some important tips to further grow your blog

Bonus: Tools (mostly FREE) to grow your blog

  • List of the tools you can start using in your blog

So congratulations on taking the decision to start your own blog. I truly hope that this guide (eBook) will help you in creating your blog and making it successful.

I wish you all the best for your blogging career! 🙂