HostArmada Review 2023 – The Best Web Host In Your Budget..!

HostArmada Review

Are you looking for the best hosting in your budget? Here’s our HostArmada Review, their features, pricing, pros, and cons (keep reading to know more about why we recommend them).

HostArmada is an independently funded and privately owned web hosting company based out of Delaware, USA. They are a relatively new entrant in the web hosting business, as they started their business journey in 2019.

Though HostArmada might be a new name for many, especially for those people who are new in the online business, they are one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies that provide innovative Cloud SSD Web Hosting solutions and services.

After using their web hosting services for some time, here is our honest HostArmada review. In this detailed review, we will talk everything about HostArmada, that matters most to you, their hosting features, speed, uptime, security features, and customer support. Also, we will take a look at HostArmada web hosting pricing and plans and will talk about some of the pros and cons of using HostArmada.

HostArmada Review 2023 – Fast and Secure Hosting

We came to know about HostArmada in the beginning of 2020, the first thing that grabbed our eyeball was their beautifully designed colorful website and their offerings in a very affordable pricing. Thus, we decided to test their offering and promises. Now, as we have been using their hosting for some time, you will see our findings and experiences of using their hosting services in this detailed HostArmada review.

HostArmada General Features

HostArmada offers complete Cloud SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth along with unlimited email accounts, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited databases, and unlimited subdomains. Also, you get multiple PHP versions that you can choose as per your needs and requirements. All of these things are there in all of their hosting plans.

Also nowadays when most of the hosting companies not providing the free domain name, you get the one absolutely free with all the HostArmada web hosting plans. Along with this, they are also providing free SSL for all your websites hosted with them and in case if you already have a website that you want to transfer to HostArmada, the free website migration is also included with all of their hosting plans.

HostArmada provides the cPanel control panel, which is very easy to host and manage your websites with HostArmada, you also get the one-click app installer, which you can use to install WordPress and other apps in just a few clicks. HostArmada is also offering different types of perks with their different hosting plans.

HostArmada Website and Dashboard UI

HostArmada has a modern and beautifully designed colorful website, you will definitely like their website. Though the website design of the hosting company does not matter a lot, what matters here is how easily you can find the things, you are looking for, on their website and you won’t be disappointed here with this with HostArmada.

HostArmada Dashboard UI

Their dashboard UI also follows the same design scheme, everything is arranged beautifully. I must say, this is one of the hosting company’s best client area dashboard design I have seen recently. You can find all of your services from the same dashboard. You can also log in to your cPanel directly from the dashboard and also if needed you can raise a support ticket or can chat with the support agent from the dashboard.

HostArmada Review – Uptime

One of the most important things that matter when choosing the hosting for your website or blog is the server uptime. We have been using the HostArmada hosting for some time and we got 100% uptime. 100% uptime simply means, your website will be up and running all the time. Though we have been only using the HostArmada for some time, we will update the post if and when we see any major changes in the result we are getting now, for now, it’s looking everything good and promising.

HostArmada Review – Speed

Another very important thing that matters most when choosing a web host is the speed of your website. You should always choose a hosting that gives your website the fastest speed. We did a speed test of the HostArmada hosting. For testing, we choose their “Speed Reaper” plan that is powered by LiteSpeed.

HostArmada Speed Test Result

We installed WordPress and imported a dummy site that has 8 images and the site was only installed the required plugins. Though the web hosting was powered by LiteSpeed, we did the test without using the LiteSpeed cache plugin or any fact any cache plugin. We got really good speed with the GTmetrix speed test. Though the speed might vary if you use more plugins or if your web pages are heavy. Further, you can improve the speed of your website by optimizing your website by using one of the cache plugins.

HostArmada Review – Security

HostArmada takes website security very seriously. One, the user accounts on HostArmada servers are isolated (even on the shared hosting), second they patch the security vulnerability on the server level as soon as they are reported. Apart from these, they take different measures and use firewalls to protect your website from attacks.

Still, if anything happens, they provide the daily backup of your website, which is included for free in all the plans. Also, we highly recommend you backup your website at your end as well, whichever web hosting service provider you are using.

HostArmada Review – Support

HostArmada’s customer support is second to none. Their support crew is available 24/7/367, they provide support on live chat, they have the ticket support system and they also provide phone support. Though we did not need to contact their support team, we pinged them a few times on live chat for testing and we got the replies very quickly, it was amazing. Also, the replies were descriptive and detailed.

HostArmada Data Centers

Choosing the server location nearest to your target audience reduces the latency and that improves the speed of your website. With HostArmada, you get this advantage, you can host your website or blog on a server closest to you or your target audience. HostArmada has got 9 datacenters geographically selected to provide fast connectivity and unmatched availability, which gives your website the flying speed that you need.

HostArmada has data centers in Fremont (USA), Dallas (USA), Newark (USA), Toronto (USA), London (UK), Frankfurt (Germany), Bangalore (India), Singapore (Singapore), Sydney (Australia). Having so many data centers is really a big plus point for HostArmada. You can choose any of these for hosting your website.

HostArmada Overall Offerings

The overall offerings from HostArmada are excellent, they have different plans and packages (that we will discuss below) suitable for different types of users. They offer good uptime, faster speed, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, and SSL, free backup, free website migration, and their support is second to none.

HostArmada Pricing, Plans and Packages

In our HostArmada review above, we discussed about their hosting features, speed, uptime, security, and customer support. Everything looks impressive, now it’s time to talk about their hosting plans and pricing. HostArmada provides different types of hosting services, from shared hosting to VPS, you can choose the services you need.

SSD Shared Hosting Plans

Shared hosting is the most common hosting plans that you can easily find with most of the web hosting service providers. HostArmada has 3 different shared hosting plans that you can choose as per your website needs and requirements.

HostArmada SSD Shared Hosting Pricing
  • Start Dock Plan: This is their starter plan, in this plan, you can host a single website and you get 15GB Cloud SSD Storage with unlimited bandwidth. Also, you get the free domain name with all of their hosting plans. They are also providing free daily backups along with free website migration. This plan is best suited if you are just starting out and you only want to host a single website.
  • Web Wrap Plan: In this plan, you can host unlimited websites and you get 30GB Cloud SSD Storage with unlimited bandwidth, also you get 2X power (CPU and RAM) as compared with the previous plan. You get all the standard things along with the free website migrations, which is given free for 3 websites here.
  • Speed Reaper Plan: Again, in this plan also you can host unlimited websites, here you get 40GB Cloud SSD Storage with unlimited bandwidth and also you get 3X power (CPU and RAM) as compared with their starter plan. In this plan, you get 5 free website migration. Further, this plan is powered by LiteSpeed and comes with dynamic caching, for improved performance and speed.

Our Recommendation: We highly recommend you choose at least the “Web Wrap” plan so that you can host multiple websites and you will also get double resources. For more speed and performance, we recommend their “Speed Reaper” plan, you will get amazing speed and performance and of course, you get more server resources as well.

WordPress Hosting Plans

HostArmada does have WordPress hosting plans as well, on their website. The WordPress hosting plans are exactly the same as the SSD shared hosting plans that we have just discussed above, including the pricing of the plans. The configuration and features look exactly the same as they are in shared hosting. All of their plans come with the cPanel control panel that helps you host and manage your WordPress websites easily.

SSD VPS Hosting Plans

In case if you need dedicated resources for your websites, HostArmada provides VPS hosting as well. Their VPS hosting plans starts from $41.21 which comes with 1 Core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD Storage, and 2 TB Bandwidth. You get the daily backup and cPanel control panel as well for managing your websites. They have different VPS hosting plans that you can choose as per your website needs and requirements.

HostArmada SSD VPS Hosting Pricing

Dedicated CPU Server Hosting Plans

If you want full control of your server, you can choose HostArmada’s Dedicated CPU Server Hosting. The plans start from $49 per month, which gives you 4 Core CPU, 8GB RAM, 160 GB Cloud SSD Storage, and 5TB Bandwidth. They have multiple dedicated server hosting plans that you can choose from, all of the plans come with a free domain name and cPanel/WHM control panel for managing your server.

HostArmada Dedicated CPU Server Hosting Pricing

There Are Few Other Hosting Plans As Well

HostArmada also has some other hosting plans on their website, namely OpenSource Hosting, which they say is optimized for different OpenSource applications, and Development Hosting, which comes bundled with some development tools. Though I have not tried these hosting, at first glance they look exactly the same as the SSD Shared hosting, features, pricing, and plans are also the same on their website.

HostArmada Pros and Cons

There is no perfect hosting that fits all, the perfect hosting for you is the one that meets all your requirements and comes within your budget. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of HostArmada Web Hosting Services that might help you in making your decision.


  • Cloud SSD Storage: Like all other best web hosting companies, HostArmada also provides Cloud SSD storage. SSD is much faster than the traditional HDD. Having the SSD storage, you get better performance and speed on your website.
  • Free Domain Name: You won’t get this with most of the web hosting companies, HostArmada offers a free domain name with all of their web hosting plans. Yes, even with their starter plan, you get a free domain name.
  • Free SSL Certificate: SSL is very important for your website, this not only protects your website data but also helps in your SEO. With HostArmada, you get the free SSL Certificate for all your websites hosted with any of their hosting plans.
  • Free Daily Backup: You never know, when things may go wrong but don’t worry you get the free daily backup for your websites hosted with HostArmada (Also, I highly recommend, you take the backup of your website from your end as well).
  • Unlimited Email Accounts: You can create unlimited email accounts on any of HostArmada’s hosting plans. Though the space is limited, you are not restricted to account creation. You also get unlimited bandwidth as well.
  • Free Website Migration: HostArmada provides free website migration, many hosting companies provide this but HostArmada can migrate up to 5 websites for you and for free (other hosting companies might just do that for 1 website).
  • Our Favorite cPanel: You get the cPanel control panel with all of their hosting plans. cPanel is the most popular and powerful control panel available today for hosting and managing your websites and also it’s very easy to use.
  • Affordable Pricing: Considering the features and specifications offered, HostArmada has really affordable pricing. You can easily get started with your website at $3.99 per month and also you get a free domain name.
  • 24/7 Technical Customer Support: Customer support is very important when choosing a web hosting company. The HostArmada support team is available 24/7/365. You can reach their support for any technical help.
  • 45 Days Money-Back Guarantee: In case if you do not like their hosting services, no worries, you can take a refund of your money. HostArmada backs its hosting services with the 45 Days money-back guarantee.


  • Very High Renewal Charges: Like many other hosting companies, their hosting renewal charges are very high, in fact, it’s more than 3 times the price it’s offered when you signup for the first time. Thus, we highly recommend you choose the longer period when you signup, you will save a lot.
  • LiteSpeed and Dynamic Caching Available With Speed Reaper Plan Only: Do note that, the LiteSpeed and Dynamic Caching is only available in their “Speed Reaper” Plan. It’s not there in the other two plans they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About HostArmada

Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about HostArmada and their web hosting services. We compiled some of the most common questions and answered them here to help you make an informed decision when choosing HostArmada web hosting services to host your business website or blog.

How is HostArmada for hosting my existing websites?

We found HostArmada a decent hosting company, you can definitely choose them for hosting your existing websites and blogs. If you have a high traffic site, we suggest their “Speed Reaper” plan which is powered by LiteSpeed.

Is HostArmada good for hosting WordPress websites or blogs?

Yes, HostArmada is for hosting WordPress websites and blogs. Their WordPress hosting plans are specially optimized for WordPress. Their “Speed Reaper” powered by LiteSpeed and Dynamic Cache is really good for WordPress websites.

Does HostArmada provide free domain name and SSL?

Yes, HostArmada provides a free domain name with all of their hosting plans, even you can transfer your existing domain name to them for free and they provide free SSL certificate to all of your websites hosted on any of their hosting plans.

Does HostArmada team help in migrating my existing website?

Yes, HostArmada provides free website migration to transfer your existing website to their server. With their “Web Wrap” hosting plan, they provide up to 3 website migrations for free and with their “Speed Reaper” plan, they provide 5 free website migration.

Which HostArmada Plan do you recommend?

I always recommend the unlimited hosting plans so that you are not limited to the number of websites you can host, so you can choose their “Web Wrap” plan. For more power and speed, I highly recommend their “Speed Reaper” web hosting plan.

Does HostArmada provides LiteSpeed hosting?

Yes, their “Speed Reaper” web hosting plan is powered by LiteSpeed technology, and not only that you also get the dynamic LS caching with that plan. The “Speed Reaper” plan is best recommended for more power and faster speed of your website.

Does HostArmada provide cPanel control panel?

Yes, HostArmada provides everyone’s favorite cPanel control panel, which is very easy to use and manage your websites. Also, it comes with the one-click apps installer, which you can use for installing WordPress and other apps in just a few clicks.

Where are HostArmada data centers located?

HostArmada has a total of 9 data centers that are based at Fremont (USA), Dallas (USA), Newark (USA), Toronto (USA), London (UK), Frankfurt (Germany), Bangalore (India), Singapore (Singapore), Sydney (Australia), a big plus point.

How Good is HostArmada customer support?

HostArmada’s customer support is second to none, they have the support team available 24/7/365 to help you with your hosting needs. They provide live chat support, they have the ticket support system and also they provide telephonic support as well.

Does they provide any money-back guarantee?

Yes, HostArmada’s web hosting plans come with 45 days of the money-back guarantee. So, in case if you do not like their hosting services, you can ask for a refund within 45 days, there is no cancellation fee when you cancel their hosting services.

So, Do I Recommend HostArmada?

Yes, I do recommend HostArmada for hosting your business/personal websites or blogs with them. If you are creating a website or starting a blog or if you already have a website or blog hosted somewhere and you are looking for fast, secure, reliable, and affordable web hosting to host your new website or to migrate your existing website to a better hosting service provider, you should definitely try HostArmada, one of the best budget web host.

HostArmada can be a good choice for anyone, SSD storage, free domain name and SSL, unlimited bandwidth, latest technologies, 24/7/365 customer support, and affordable pricing (with initial signup discounts), it’s a great deal. That’s it in this HostArmada review, hope it helps you in making your decision. Do let me know your’s thoughts if you are already using HostArmada web hosting services, ask your questions in the comments below.

HostArmada Review 2023 - The Best Web Host In Your Budget.!
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Are you looking for the best hosting in your budget? Here's our HostArmada Review 2023, their features, pricing, pros, and cons (read more to know why we recommend them).

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