Hostinger Review 2021 – Cheap, But Are They Reliable?

Hostinger Review

Looking for cheap hosting? Hostinger is an option for you, check out my Hostinger Review to know if they are one of the reliable web hosting providers to host your website and blog.

Hostinger is known for its cheap and inexpensive Shared Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and VPS hosting. On paper, their plans are really amazing but are they really so amazing to host your website or blog?

Having cheaper hosting plans, do they compromise on the speed, performance, or features, or do they have some hidden catch? That’s what we are going to find out in this Hostinger review. In this post, we will compare their plans and will review them for their server performance, speed, reliability, and customer support.

By the end of this post, you will come to know if Hostinger is actually reliable for hosting your website or blog. So, let’s start with our Hostinger review.

Hostinger Review 2021

Hostinger Web Hosting Review

Hostinger is not at all new in the hosting industry, they started their hosting journey in 2004. Initially, they started with free hosting services, and today they have over 29 million users in 178 countries. They have country-specific websites for many countries for their hosting services and they also have several offices all around the world.

If we talk about their hosting services, majorly they provide shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting. Also, you can buy domain names from Hostinger as well and with some plans, they also provide a free domain name. Along with web hosting, they also provide email hosting to host your emails, and also they provide a powerful website builder to create a website.

Hostinger Web Hosting Features

Hostinger is known for its inexpensive discounted hosting plans but it certainly does not mean that they compromise anything majorly with their hosting servers, speed, performance, and security. All of their hosting plans come with the SSD server space, Free SSL, LiteSpeed Cache, and 30 days of the money-back guarantee.

Their WordPress hosting is well optimized for running WordPress websites and blogs. It comes with the WordPress acceleration that helps to increase the speed of WordPress websites and blogs. And, if you are looking for dedicated resource hosting for your website, you can choose their VPS or cloud hosting plans.

All of their plans have 30 days of the money-back guarantee and they do come with the same set of hosting features. Also, all of their hosting plans are much much affordable as compared with any other reliable hosting providers. Having so many hosting options that Hostinger has, you can host any type of website with them.

Hostinger Pricing and Plans

Hostinger have different types of hosting and various plans in each category. Their plans are suitable for even someone who is just starting their website and for them too who want to move their existing websites to Hostinger. All of their hosting plans are affordable, let’s check out their various hosting plans and pricing.

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Plans

Shared hosting plans are the cheapest hosting plans provided by Hostinger. The shared hosting plans are ideally suited for hosting simple business websites and blogs. There are three types of shared web hosting plans that you can choose as per your requirements. All of these plans come with the free SSL and LiteSpeed Cache.

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Plans
  • Single Shared Hosting: This is the cheapest hosting plan that Hostinger offers, it just costs $0.99 per month and you can only host a single website and you only get one email address. It comes with the limited bandwidth and resources and you also don’t get the free domain name and backup services.
  • Premium Shared Hosting: This plan comes with the unlimited bandwidth and 2X server resources, here you get 20 GB of SSD space and you can host up to 100 websites. With this plan, you get 100 email accounts and you also get a free domain name. In this plan, you get the weekly backup option. This plan costs $2.89 per month and is ideally suited for personal websites and/or blogs.
  • Business Shared Hosting: With this plan, again you can host up to 100 websites, you get 100 GB of SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and 4X server resources. This plan costs $3.99 per month and here also you get a free domain name but the good thing is that with this hosting plan you get daily backups.

In case if you are planning to buy Hostinger shared web hosting plans, we recommend, you go with the “Premium Shared Hosting” plan. With this plan, you get 2X server resources and more space and this plan lets you host multiple websites. Also, if you are looking for something more reliable and fast, you can choose the Hostinger “Business Shared Hosting” plan, which is also very affordable.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plans

Hostinger also provides managed WordPress hosting which is ideally suited if you are just looking for hosting WordPress websites and blogs. With all the WordPress hosting plans, you get the free domain, free SSL, and unlimited bandwidth. All of their WordPress hostings plans also come with the 100 email accounts.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plans
  • WordPress Starter: This is the cheapest WordPress hosting plan by Hostinger, here you get 20 GB of SSD space and it costs $2.15 per month. The best part of the Hostinger WordPress hosting is that you can host up to 100 websites. With this plan, you get the weekly backup options.
  • WordPress Pro: This is the best plan you can get if you are looking for the WordPress hosting, this plan costs $7.45 per month and you can host up to 300 websites. With this plan, you get 100 GB of SSD space along with the Jetpack personal and you also get the daily backup option.
  • WordPress Enterprise: This is the advanced solution for revenue-generating business, this plan costs $14.95 per month and is ideally suited for hosting WooCommerce websites and other high traffic websites and blogs. With this plan, you get 140 GB of disk space and you can host up to 300 WordPress websites and blogs. Also in this plan, you get the Jetpack premium and daily backups.

If you are looking for just hosting a few small WordPress websites, you can go with the “WordPress Starter” plan. If you are looking for something powerful and wants to host more website, we suggest you go with the “WordPress Pro” plan where you can host up to 300 websites and you get more space as well. For money-making websites, you can even choose the “WordPress Enterprise” plan, that’s ultimately the best.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plans

Cloud hosting is best suited for large scale projects. With Hostinger you get the power of cloud computing with the simplicity of shared hosting. They offer the managed cloud hosting services that come with the powerful custom control panel. With cloud hosting, you get the dedicated resources and you can host unlimited websites.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plans
  • Cloud Startup: This plan costs $7.45 per month, you get 100 GB of SSD space and unlimited bandwidth, you can host unlimited websites. This plan provides you 2 CPU cores, 3 GB RAM, and 1X Speed Boost. You also get a dedicated IP along with a free domain name and free SSL for your website.
  • Cloud Professional: If you need more resources and better speed, you can choose this plan, it costs $14.95 per month. Here you get 140 GB SSD space, 6 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, 2X Speed Boost, and dedicated IP address. You get the domain name and SSL as well and again you are not limited to the number of websites.
  • Cloud Global: Want even more power? Just choose this plan, it is powered by Google Cloud. This will cost you $37 per month, you get 200 GB of SSD space, 16 GB RAM, 8 CPU cores, and 4X Speed Boost. This is the best you can get in terms of cloud hosting from Hostinger and is best suited for high performing websites.

Cloud hosting is best recommended for high performing and high traffic website that needs more dedicated resources and scalability. If your websites get medium traffic, you can go with the “Cloud Startup” plan. For high performing websites, you can go with the higher plans that offer more resources and better performance.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Plans

Hostinger also provides cheap cloud VPS hosting with the highest virtual server reliability and performance. They have various plans that vary in terms of CPU capacity, RAM, Storage, and Bandwidth. From 1 vCPU to 8 vCPU and from 1 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM they have different plans that you can choose from.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Plans

You can choose the Hostinger VPS hosting plans as per your needs and requirements. If you need high performance, you can go with a VPS that provides more CPU cores and high RAM capacity. Again, it all depends on what kind of websites, size of websites, the amount of traffic websites gets, you are planning to host on the VPS.

Other Services Offerings From Hostinger

Along with web hosting services, Hostinger also provides a fast, easy, and powerful website builder. With the help of the website builder, you can easily create a good looking website quickly even if you do not have any coding skills and knowledge.

Also, you can directly buy domain names from Hostinger itself (though we do not recommend unless you are getting a free domain name). And, also if you want to host your emails, they also provide the email hosting services.

Hostinger Hosting Speed and Performance

Now we have come to the most important segment of our Hostinger review, we always tell that you need to choose a good and reliable web hosting company if you want to have the best speed and performance for your website.

While doing the Hostinger review, we tested some of the websites and blogs hosted with the Hostinger. Though Hostinger provides cheap web hosting, we found their hosting quite reliable. Hostinger providers complete SSD space, high performing servers, WordPress Acceleration, LiteSpeed Cache, combining all these, Hostinger manages to provide high speed and reliability for your website.

Hostinger ensures and provides the 99.9% Uptime Guarantee and all of their plans come with 30 Days money-back guarantee. If we compare the price vs performance, Hostinger is definitely a reliable web host you can choose for hosting your website.

Hostinger Security Features

When it comes to website security, Hostinger had a very bad reputation and thus we closely checked the security features of Hostinger during our Hostinger review.

Hostinger provides free SSL with all of their web hosting plans, so you don’t need to worry about the website and data security. Also, their premium plans come with the weekly and daily website backups where your website gets automatically backed up (though we always recommend you backup your website data yourself also.)

Hostinger Website Backup Feature and Policy

Taking regular backups of your website is very important, you never know if anything goes wrong and you need to restore your website. The good thing is that most of the good web host these days provides automatic backups which let you restore your website to a previous point if anything goes wrong with your website data.

While doing the Hostinger review, we also checked this point. Hostinger does provide website backups and its included for free with their hosting plans. Though with the top plans, you get daily backups but with the starter and basic plans, you get the weekly backups. Again, we suggest you take the backup yourself too.

Hostinger Customer Support Review

Hostinger have 24/7/365 support for their customers, they do provide live chat as well as email support. First, we got disappointed by not seeing the live chat support on their website during our Hostinger review but it’s there when you logged in to your hosting account. Though, for pre-sales queries, you can just send them an email.

During our testing, we found their customer support decent, can’t complain as we tested it during the tough times. Their support is not that fast but not that slow as well, we found it better to contact their support team on email rather than live chat.

Hostinger Pros and Cons

Hostinger has got a wide range of hosting services, whether you are a new webmaster or if you are planning to host your high performing sites, Hostinger has everything. As such it’s a good choice for small businesses and bloggers. Now that we have come to this section of Hostinger review, let’s quickly summarise everything.


  • Inexpensive Hosting Plans: Hostinger provides cheap and inexpensive hosting plans making it suitable for even beginners who are just starting their online journey. Most of their hosting plans including cloud hosting are cheaper as compared with any other reliable hosting service provider.
  • LiteSpeed Cache: Hostinger provides the LiteSpeed cache which means all of their servers are compatible with the advanced LiteSpeed technology i.e. they use LiteSpeed servers, which makes the websites faster.
  • Free SSL and Domain Name: One of the best things that we noticed during our Hostinger review is that they provide free SSL with all their hosting plans. Also, they provide a free domain name for first year with the premium plans.
  • Cloudflare Integration: With Hostinger, you can use the Cloudflare protected nameservers which we tested in our Hostinger review and found that they provide this with all their web hosting plans, which is good.
  • Various Types of Hosting Plans: Hostinger have different types of hosting services, for simple websites, you can choose their shared web hosting plans and if you need dedicated resources for your website, you can choose their VPS or cloud hosting plans. They also provide managed WordPress hosting as well.


  • Custom Control Panel: Honstinger uses the custom control panel “hPanel” which is actually not bad but if you are someone who is comfortable using the cPanel, you may find it difficult for some time while you get used to that.
  • Just Decent Performance: During our Hostinger review we found their hosting performance just decent i.e. they are not the best but considering the inexpensive pricing, they are definitely worth using especially for new websites.
  • Lack of Live Chat Support (if you are not logged in): You won’t find live chat support on Hostinger website, though they have the live chat support when you are logged in to the account, it might be difficult for someone who has pre-sales queries. Also, the overall support was just decent.

FAQs About Hostinger

By now, you must have got all the details and information about Hostinger and its web hosting plans. Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions that many of the users ask in our groups, so we thought to answers those questions here in the Hostinger review to help you and all our users, make an informed decision while choosing the web hosting services from Hostinger.

Is Hostinger a reliable hosting provider?

Yes, in our Hostinger review we tested their basic hosting services and we found their services reliable. They do offer 30 days money-back guarantee, there is no harm trying their hosting. We highly recommend Hostinger for small and new websites.

Why is Hostinger web hosting so cheap?

Hosting costs actually depends on many factors like hardware quality, RAM, storage, security software, control panel, etc. Hostinger manages to create a balance and uses its own custom control panel to provide the cheaper hosting.

Where are Hostinger servers located?

Hostinger data centers are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore, Brazil, and Indonesia. It’s always good to choose the server located near to you and your website visitors for the better speed of the website.

Does Hostinger offer any discount on hosting plans?

Hostinger offers up to 90% discount on its hosting plans for new users. To save the more when buying the hosting plans from Hostinger, we suggest that you buy it for 2-3 years and choose the plan where you can host multiple websites.

Does Hosting provide a free domain name and SSL?

Yes, Hostinger provides free SSL with all their hosting plans, also you can use the Cloudflare SSL with the Hostinger hosting plans if you want. They also provide a free domain name for the first year with their premium hosting plans and above.

Is Hostinger good for hosting WordPress websites?

Yes, you can host the WordPress website with Hostinger as well, they provide managed WordPress hosting services. Their managed WordPress hosting is optimized for WordPress and it comes with LiteSpeed Cache and WordPress Acceleration.

Which one to choose Hostinger shared or WordPress hosting?

With their shared web hosting plans, you can host any type of websites but with WordPress hosting, you can only host a WordPress website or blog. In case if you want to host other types of the website also, you can choose their shared web hosting.

Does Hostinger provide a control panel?

Yes, Hostinger does provide a control panel for hosting and managing your website but it’s their own custom control panel “hPanel”. It’s a good control panel and yo get all the options but you may need some time to get used to their control panel.

Does Hostinger have any Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, Hostinger has a 30-Days money-back guarantee so in case if you are not happy with their hosting services, you can take the full refund of your money within 30 days from the date of purchases, some addon services might not be eligible for the refund.

What are the best alternatives to Hostinger?

SiteGround, A2 Hosting, and Bluehost are some of the good alternatives of Hostinger but they are a bit costlier as compared with the Hostinger. If we compare the price vs performance, Hostinger is worth trying for new websites and blogs.


Now that we have come to the end of our Hostinger review, let’s address the million-dollar question with which we started our review of the Hostinger web hosting, Hostinger provides the cheap and inexpensive hosting but are they reliable?

Most of the cheap hosting companies are rubbish but there is an exception here, Hostinger does an excellent job catering to small businesses with relatively small and simple sites. We found that the Hostinger Web Hosting is good and reliable and considering their pricing and plans, they offer the best value for the money. However, for large business websites, you will probably want to look at a host that provides better performance, likeĀ SiteGround, A2 Hosting, or Bluehost.

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