InterServer Review 2021 (Hosting Plans, Pricing, Pros & Cons)

InterServer Review

InterServer offers full-featured web hosting plans at affordable pricing. But are they reliable for hosting your business websites or blogs? Let’s find out in our InterServer review, their hosting plans, pricing, their pros, and cons.

InterServer is a US-based hosting company that provides affordable web hosting services. Apart from standard web hosting they have other hosting options available as well, for example, they also provide reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting to their clients all over the world.

What makes InterServer stands out from the competition is their fast and reliable servers, affordable pricing, and excellent customer support. They promise a lot and everything looks great on paper, isn’t it? So we decided to test their promises in reality.

This is our InterServer review, where we will try to find out where they stand in terms of overall offerings as compared with their competitors, we will look at their hosting plans and pricing, and then we will find out the pros and cons of using InterServer. So, let’s find out, how reliable is InterServer for hosting your websites.

InterServer – Quick Overview

InterServer was co-founded in 1999 by Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri, so it’s been more than 20 years since they are in the hosting business. Today they have multiple data centers in different parts of the United States. Initially, they were known as Reseller Hosting Providers, now they provide many different types of hosting services as well including VPS and Dedicated Servers. So if you are a blogger or a small business or maybe a big enterprise, they have the hosting options available for you.

They use secured infrastructure and top-notch hardware to deliver you the most reliable performance. Their motto is to deliver the best hosting services at affordable pricing to all their customers worldwide. They promise 99.9% uptime and 24×7 customer support. Also, all InterServer hosting plans come with a 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee. So, you can definitely try their services without any worry.

Interserver Pricing and Plans

Before we get started with the InterServer review, let’s take a look at their pricing and plans. InterServer has different types of hosting options suited for different use cases and needs, so we will take a look at all of their hosting options and respective pricing and plans so that you can choose a hosting option that best meets your needs.

Standard Web Hosting Plans

The best thing that I liked about the InterServer Standard Web Hosting Plan is that they have only one single plan. You are not limited to the number of domains you can host, in fact, they are offering everything unlimited in the standard hosting plan.

InterServer Standard Web Hosting Plans

In this plan, you get unlimited SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, global content caching, one-click apps installer, free SSL certificate, and also the free website migration. InterServer makes it simple and easy, there is no confusion at all, they have one single plan and that is affordable for everyone and you can host unlimited websites.

This should be the ideal plan for you if you are just starting your online business or you have the existing websites that you want to migrate to InterServer. Though they have other higher resources hosting options as well, that we will discuss below but I believe this plan would be more than enough for small-medium websites.

Boost Web Hosting Plans

If you need more resources for your website, InterServer has “Boost Web Hosting” as well. In the “Boost Web Hosting”, you get more resources for your website. In fact, they offer double to four times the resources that they offer in the standard hosting.

InterServer Boost Web Hosting Plans

The first plan in the screenshot above is the same standard web hosting plan that we discussed above. Other than that, they have two plans in “Boost Web Hosting” that costs $9.95 and $19.95 per month respectively, you can compare the plans above.

The “Boost 2” plan has almost double the resources as compared with the standard web hosting and the “Boost 4” plan have almost four times resources as compared with the same standard web hosting and two times resources as compared with the “Boost 2” plan. The Boost Web Hosting plans are best suited if you have high traffic websites that require more resources and probably more space.

Reseller Hosting Plans

InterServer initially was known as a reseller hosting provider, they do still provide the reseller hosting services. Reseller hosting contributes a significant part in their whole hosting business including VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Reseller hosting is good for the agencies who further sell hosting packages to their clients.

InterServer Reseller Web Hosting Plans

InterServer has 5 reseller hosting plans that you can choose as per the number of clients you have and as per space and bandwidth, you require. In reseller hosting, the base plan starts at $19.95 per month and that will get you 80GB disk space, 500GB monthly bandwidth, 20 cPanel accounts, and you will get all standard web hosting and client management features that you need in the reseller panel.

The best part is that, whichever the web hosting plan you choose, there is no setup fee at all. You just need to pay the hosting cost and you can get started with your reseller hosting business. Also, they have different plans that you can choose, with the higher plans, you will get more space, more bandwidth, and more cPanel accounts and you will get all the standard reseller features you need.

Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

If you want dedicated resources for your website, InterServer also provides Cloud VPS as well. With their Cloud VPS hosting plans, you can easily get started with your own virtual server with the configuration you need. They have 16 configuration options that you can choose for your VPS. The VPS server configuration and the pricing/plan varies as per the number of CPU cores, storage, RAM, and monthly bandwidth.

Their base VPS hosting plan starts at $6 per month that will get you 1 CPU Core, 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD Space, 1TB monthly bandwidth, and then you can go up to 16 CPU Cores, 32GB RAM, 480GB SSD, and 16TB monthly bandwidth.

WordPress VPS Hosting Plans

InterServer also offers dedicated WordPress VPS hosting plans, the configuration of the WordPress VPS hosting plan is the same as their Cloud VPS hosting plans and it also costs the same. The advantages that you will get when you choose the WordPress VPS hosting are you get WordPress specific resources and optimizations and free migration.

In case if you are interested, InterServer also provides Windows VPS as well, which starts from $10 per month. Do note that, for VPS hosting and for dedicated servers, you can make the monthly payment, hence there is no option for refund.

Dedicated Server Plans

If you want the full control of your hosting environment, you can get the dedicated server from InterServer, they provide different types of dedicated servers. They have the standard dedicated servers, GPU dedicated servers, and storage servers. InterServer is able to provide these services as they own their data centers (infrastructure).

In case if you want to own the hosting infrastructure, you can do so with InterServer Colocation, this is not something that you will get with all web hosting providers, only a hosting company that owns data centers can provide this service. Though this is not for everyone, it still worth mentioning here in the post.

InterServer Review 2021

Now as we have gone through the InterServer hosting plans and pricing, which actually looks very exciting, let’s do a quick InterServer review, and let’s see where it stands. The most important things when choosing web hosting are speed and uptime, security features, and customer support. We have been using the InterServer hosting for more than a month now, so let’s take a look at all these factors one by one.

InterServer Speed and Uptime

We used InterServer hosting for more than a month’s time and never faced any downtime, that’s simply amazing. Also, the website we hosted was a dummy WordPress website that has 10 pages with 8 images on the home page. You can see the speed test for the home page of the website hosted with the InterServer hosting. Also, it’s worth mentioning here that we didn’t do any optimization and also didn’t use any cache plugin. It was a simple import of a dummy site with only the required plugins activated.

InterServer Speed Test Result

For a shared hosting that is so affordable, the speed of the website we got was really amazing. You can further improve the speed of your website using some cache plugin and with some optimization. Also, do note that the speed may vary depending on the number of plugins you will be using and also the size of your website, we only tested with a couple of required plugins activated, we can simply say the result was amazing.

InterServer Security Features

InterServer takes website security very seriously. They offer their in-house developed security solution “InterShield Security” to secure your website data. What does this security solution do? First, it blocks web attacks, it has got the automatic virus scanner, it has also got the machine learning firewall and in-house firewall database.

Having all these measures in place, they pro-actively protect your website from attacks. Along with these security features, they also provide free automatic backup of your website, so if in case, if anything happens to your website, you can simply restore your website data from the previous backups easily.

InterServer Customer Support

InterServer provides different options to their customers to contact them. You can contact their team by phone, email as well as on live chat. For every hosting company, what matters most is customer support, InterServer’s team understand this. They have got a ticket support system, where you can raise a support ticket if you face any issue with their hosting services. During our testing, we found the support replies really quick, though sometimes it may take a bit longer depending on your timezone.

Getting Started With InterServer

To get started with the InterServer Hosting, you have to visit InterServer Website (click this link and use the coupon code “WEBRECOURSE” for an additional discount) select the plan you want to buy, and proceed with the payment. InterServer uses the standard cPanel that makes it easier for hosting and managing your website.

Get Started With InterServer

InterServer Pros and Cons

Now, at this stage of our InterServer review, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of InterServer. InterServer does have lots of plus points, which makes them really competitive in the market, let’s have a look.


Apart from the affordable and simple pricing along with the high-speed reliable servers, InterServer offers a lot more. Here are some of the reasons, you can choose the InterServer for hosting your websites or blogs.

  • Unlimited SSD Storage and Emails: InterServer offers unlimited SSD space where you can host unlimited websites. The best part is even with their starter plan that comes at $5 per month, you get everything unlimited, including the unlimited email accounts as well. You also have the option to choose the boost plans for more power for your high traffic websites and blogs.
  • 50% Server Capacity: InterServer only utilizes 50% of the server capacity, which simply means less number of websites on each server. This allows them to support the growth of your websites without experiencing performance issues.
  • Free SSL Certificates: Along with the other security features, InterServer offers free SSL certificates for all of your websites hosted with the InterServer. This secures your website and protects your user data and you get it for free.
  • Free Website Migration: Nowadays when some of the top hosting companies have started charging for website migration, InterServer offers free website migration and also they clean up your accounts for compromised, hacked, or exploited files while migrating your website to their server.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: InterServer hosting comes with 30 days of the money-back guarantee, which simply means if by any chance you do not like their hosting services, you can ask for a refund, so you can easily try their hosting services without any worry, your money is secure.


Even the best of the best service providers may have some cons, InterServer is no exception here, there are some downsides of InterServer as well. Here are some of the negatives of the InterServer that we noticed during our testing.

  • Only US Based Data Centers: InterServer has all of their data centers in the US only, though you can overcome this con by using any CDN, InterServer offers free and easy integration with the Cloudflare CDN, that also you can get for free.
  • No Free Domain Name: InterServer does not offer free domain name with their hosting plans, though if you want, you can buy a new domain name from InterServer with any of their hosting plans. It should not be an issue if you already own a domain name or else you have the option, you can buy a domain name.
  • Dated Dashboard UI: One thing that I personally didn’t like is their website and the dashboard UI, it’s very much dated. I am sure their team will take it up and update their website and dashboard UI. Though it’s not a big con, as your users will see your website and not their website or dashboard.

FAQs About InterServer Hosting

Choosing the right web host for hosting your website or blog is not that easy, I understand you may have some questions about InterServer Hosting. Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about InterServer and their hosting plans. In case, if you have more questions about InterServer, ask those questions in the comment section below, I will be happy to answer all your questions.

Is InterServer a reliable hosting service provider?

Yes, InterServer is definitely a reliable hosting service provider. They are in the hosting business for more than 20 years now, they provide different types of hosting services catering to different user groups from individuals to large enterprises.

Why do I see only one hosting plan on their website?

For standard web hosting, they have only one plan and they offer everything unlimited, that’s good in some way as you get everything in that plan. Though if you want more resources, you can go with their “Boost Web Hosting” plans.

Is InterServer good for hosting WordPress blogs?

Yes, you can host WordPress blogs in all InterServer plans, having the cPanel, you can install the WordPress with 1-Click WordPress Installation in their standard hosting plans. They also provide dedicated WordPress VPS as well.

Does InterServer provide free SSL and free Domain Name?

Like all good web-hosting providers, InterServer does provide free SSL with all their hosting plans. They do not provide a free domain name, though you can buy a domain name from them if you want or you can also use your existing domain name.

Which control panel does InterServer provide with their hosting?

InterServer provides the standard cPanel control panel with all of its managed or shared hosting plans. Having the standard cPanel, it’s very simple and easy to host and manage your website with InterServer, you also get the application installer as well.

Can the InterServer team help migrate my website to their hosting?

Yes, they do provide the free website migration, where they will migrate your whole website (cPanel) to their server. Having the free website migration, you can use their hosting services without any issue, they will do all the migration for you.

What are the best alternatives to InterServer?

InterServer is a good hosting company that you can use for hosting your websites or blogs but if you are looking for the best alternatives, you can try SiteGround, A2 Hosting, or Bluehost. All of these are the best hosting providers worldwide.

Does InterServer have any money-back guarantee?

Yes, InterServer offers a 30-Days money-back guarantee. You can use their hosting services for 30 days and if you do not like their services, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days. So, you can try their web host without any worry.

Final Conclusion – Do I Recommend InterServer?

Now as we have come to the end of our InterServer review, the question is, do I recommend InterServer for hosting your website or blog? I will say “YES“.

InterServer plans are very affordable and most importantly they have got a simple pricing structure, even with their starter plan, you get everything unlimited. The uptime and speed they offer are excellent, they have got many in-house security features, they provide good customer support. All of their hosting plans are backed by 30 days money-back guarantee. So, if you are looking for affordable yet reliable hosting to host your website or blog, you should definitely try InterServer.

InterServer Review 2021 (Hosting Plans, Pricing, Pros & Cons)
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InterServer offers full-featured web hosting plans at affordable pricing. Here's our InterServer Review 2020, their hosting plans, pricing, pros, cons, and a lot more about InterServer.

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