Best WordPress Hosting In 2023 (Comparison & Reviews)

Best WordPress Hosting

Web hosting  play a very important role in making your online business a success. Weather you are creating a WordPress website or starting a WordPress blog, it’s very crucial to choose the best WordPress hosting for your WordPress Website or Blog.  Your website’s or blog’s overall health will rely on the hosting provider you use. Having so many players in the market,  finding the best WordPress hosting can be a painful process. You need a solution that will do justice to your online presence, whether it’s your website or your personal blog.

In this article, I am going to compare the most popular WordPress hosting services. Here I will be comparing the WordPress Hosting Services which I have personally used either on my own websites and blogs or on client’s websites. Also, I have tested many other WordPress hosting services (for comparison), which I found were not that good, so I won’t mention them here.

Best WordPress Hosting

Further, I will be comparing these WordPress Hosting Services on the parameters which matter the most for any online business and that is Up Time, Speed, Customer Support and Overall Reliability. I am sure by the end of this post, you will be able to choose one of the best WordPress hosting services for your WordPress website or blog.

Please Note: For uptime and speed test I used Pingdom and I cannot guarantee that you will get a similar result for your website as this varies on several different factors such as the web hosting packages, your site size and the number of website visitors. Also, I earn a commission if you end up purchasing any of the web hosting services listed on this site through my referral links. This helps me to keep this website up-to-date. Thanks for your support.

Best WordPress Hosting Services In 2023

So, without any further delay, let’s find out the best WordPress Hosting Companies in 2023. As I personally use many of these hosting services, I will keep updating the list here on a regular basis. So, here are the best web hosts for WordPress.

#1 A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Review


A2 Hosting might be a new name for many in WordPress hosting but believe me, if I talk about the speed (shared hosting) they deserve the number one position in our list of best WordPress Hosting Services. They claim to be 20X faster than their competitors and in our testing somehow, they really managed to achieve faster load time than the other service providers. Their plans start at just $3.92 or Rs. 280.92 Per Month.

Up Time & Speed: In our testing A2 Hosting came out as a winner if we talk about the Speed. They managed to provide the average load time of 413ms, which is really great. No other shared hosting could beat the speed of A2 Hosting. Talking about the Up Time,  we got an average of 99.95% uptime, which is not that bad (still higher than what they commit) but not that great too if we compare it with the next two hosting providers in the list.

Customer Support: A2 Hosting stands clear on customer support (especially queries related to WordPress issues). They provide support on live chat, telephone and they do have the ticket support system. Their friendly and knowledgeable support team is available 24/7/365 to help you in case if you get stuck somewhere. Although on live chat response time may go as high as 30 minutes.

Overall Reliability: A2 Hosting is the only company (I have seen and used) provides any time money back guarantee (prorated refund of unused services) even after 30 days of full money back guarantee. Also, they refund (service credits) if  there is any unscheduled downtime of your website for more than 0.1% of the total time per month. Having this kind of refund policy backs them in terms of overall reliability.

Further they provide unlimited storage (Complete SSD), unlimited data transfer, Free SSL, with an option to choose between four server locations (USA-Michigan, USA-Arizona, Europe-Amsterdam, Asia-Singapore) and an option to pay in multiple currencies (yes, Indian Users can buy in Indian Rupees). Considering all these things, A2 Hosting is one of the best WordPress hosting service provider.

#2 Bluehost

Bluehost Review


Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting service especially among small business owners and bloggers. They are hosting more than 2 million websites and they belong to EIG (Endurance International Group) who also owns HostGator and many other hosting companies. Their Plans starts at $2.95 per month (Free Domain Name).

Up Time & Speed: In our testing we got the average uptime of 99.97% (really great) and average load time was 486ms. Indeed Bluehost is know for giving the best up time but considering the slightly higher load time, we place Bluehost at number two in our list of best WordPress Hosting Services.

Customer Support: Bluehost provides live chat and telephone support, also they do have ticket support system and huge knowledge base library. Their chat support was fast and friendly and helped us with the initial WordPress installation process.

Overall Reliability: Bluehost is one of the most reliable WordPress Hosting companies. Even WordPress Recommends Bluehost for hosting WordPress website and blog. So, if you are just creating a new website or starting a blog, Bluehost won’t disappoint you, we highly recommend Bluehost for WordPress Hosting.

#3 SiteGround

SiteGround Reviews


The list of best WordPress hosting cannot be completed without SiteGround. SiteGround has been making a name for themselves in the WordPress community for a while now. And that’s not without a reason. Their hosting platform is optimized for WordPress, and also they do offer managed WordPress hosting. For testing we used their StartUp Plan, which starts at $3.95 Per Month.

Up Time & Speed: In our testing with their StartUp plan, we got a decent up time that averages to 99.97%, that’s definitely not bad. Although the speed was not the best, we managed to get the load time of 712msThat’s just decent.

Customer Support: SiteGround offers unmatched support via chat, phone, tickets, and honestly they are really great in customer support. Their support team is also knowledgeable about WordPress and can help you out with a range of other issues related with the WordPress hosting.

Overall Reliability: Decent up time and speed with great customer support and being backed by WordPress itself, SiteGround is definitely a reliable WordPress Hosting Company. And that’s the reason we place SiteGround in our top 3 list.

#4 WPEngine

WPEngine Reviews


WPEngine is a leading Managed WordPress Hosting provider. Being one of the first companies to offer WordPress Managed Hosting Solutions, they are really trusted by some of the top brands and high traffic sites and blogs in the world. Their Plans start at $35 per month.

Up Time & Speed: WPEngine truly excels when it comes to up time and speed. While testing their startup plan we managed to get 99.94% uptime and 196ms load time. That’s really impressive.To offer your WordPress website this kind of speed and up time, they have partnered with the leading Cloud Platforms.

Customer Support:  They again excel here, when it comes to the support, they provide support via live chat, phone, tickets, and honestly they are really great in customer support. While testing their support services, all of our queries got resolved on live chat itself, never required to call them. Also being the managed WordPress hosting provider their team is fully knowledgeable about WordPress related issues.

Overall Reliability: They offers your WordPress website the highest possible availability, speed, scalability, and security around the clock. But as we say “all good things come with a price tag” that goes here too. We recommend WPEngine to users who need a truly superior managed WordPress hosting for their high traffic website or blog.

#5 DreamHost

DreamHost Reviews


DreamHost is again one of the most popular hosting company, which is the home of over 1.5 million sites in the world. They are in the business since 1996. We used their Shared Starter Plan, which starts at $2.59 Per Month.

Up Time & Speed: We managed to get an average of 99.93% uptime and 724ms load time. Uptime and load time was decent but considering everything great on the spec sheet, we were expecting a better uptime as well as load time.

Customer Support: They provide support via live chat, telephone, tickets. Their support is above average, nothing that bad to complain about. We almost got immediate response on live chat, we got the required support but even the support agent was clueless about the speed issue.

Overall Reliability: As WordPress recommends DreamHost and also 1.5 million customers can not be wrong. For everything just decent, at least DreamHost stands clear as compared to many other web host that we tested (not worth mentioning in the list too). That goes in favor of DreamHost.

#6 HostGator

HostGator Reviews


According to their website, HostGator hosts more than 10 million domains making them one of the most popular web hosting company in the world (next to GoDaddy). They belong to EIG (Endurance International Group) the same company that owns Bluehost and other hosting companies. Their Plans starts at $2.75 per month.

Up Time & Speed: We used their starter Hatchling Plan in our testing and we really got disappointed with the website speed as well as uptime. We got an average of 99.90% uptime and 892ms load time (it’s really bad).

Customer Support: Their support is just OK. They do have all support options which includes live chat, telephone support and ticket support. But you need to spend some time with their support team in order to get your issues resolved.

Overall Reliability: Although it’s a part of the same group company as Bluehost, there’s a huge difference between the services and customer support. Where Bluehost excels in all parameters HostGator fails in most of them. The popularity and the availability of HostGator in various countries is the only reason they are in our list.

#7 GoDaddy

Godaddy Reviews


Godaddy, the most popular web host in the world. They rank number one, hosting over 17.5 million websites in the world, that’s impressive. Godaddy has the advantage of being the most popular domain registrar and having presence in many countries. Their plans varies location wise and currency wise which starts at $5.00 (In India Rs. 99) Per Month.

Up Time & Speed: We used their Basic Plan in our testing. We got an average of 99.91% uptime and 854ms load time. But the worst thing needs to be mentioned here is we found their servers not working great with WordPress. We edited a WordPress page, looked fine and then later it got modified itself. Another thing, we installed SSL certificate but that too got modified automatically after some days.

Customer Support: In India, their support is decent as they do have the local presence. They provide support via live chat, telephone, tickets. We almost got an immediate response on live chat, although having the local presence we preferred to call them and we got the required support.

Overall Reliability: If you prefer to buy in your local currency and is looking for a local support and do not want to get into changing the name server (as being the leading domain registrar, I believe you would purchase the domain name from GoDaddy only), then you can go with GoDaddy.

#8 InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting Reviews


InMotion Hosting is the other well known WordPress hosting company. They provide SSD storage, Free Domain Name and Free SSL certificate. Also they provide an option to get your CMS pre-installed during the checkout process. Their plans starts at $6.39 Per Month.

Up Time & Speed: We used their Basic LAUNCH Plan in our testing. We got an average of 99.90% uptime and 979ms load time. Which is obviously not the best, just decent.

Customer Support: They do have all the support options like live chat, telephone support as well as ticket support system. They have fast, reliable and good customer support, no complains as such.

Overall Reliability: InMotion Hosting provides decent hosting services and that’s the reason they are in our list. In overall, you would be OK with InMotion Hosting’s services, but don’t expect much more.

Best WordPress Hosting? Conclusion!

Now as we come to the end of this post, I am sure, after reading all these reviews about the best WordPress hosting, you must have got some idea about choosing the WordPress hosting for your WordPress website or blog. For better and easy understanding, here’s how I conclude the whole things.

##HostingCostMoney BackSpeedUpTimeRatingsVisit
1A2 Hosting$3.92
Rs. 280.92
30 Days
Life Time
413ms99.95%VISIT SITE
2BlueHost$2.9530 Days486ms99.97%VISIT SITE
3SiteGround$3.9530 Days712ms99.97%VISIT SITE
4WPEngine$3560 Days196ms99.94%VISIT SITE
5DreamHost$2.5997 Days724ms99.93%VISIT SITE
6HostGator$2.7545 Days892ms99.90%VISIT SITE
7GoDaddy$5.0030 Days954ms99.91%VISIT SITE
8InMotion Hosting$6.3930 Days979ms99.90%VISIT SITE

In short, I recommend using a web hosting company that provides a more than decent uptime, while keeping their load time less than 700ms. For a new website or starting a blog, I recommend A2 Hosting and Bluehost, I am sure you won’t go wrong with these best WordPress hosting providers. They both offer strong uptime, fast page loading times, great customer support, and an unbeatably low prices.

If you already own a website or a bog that’s doing well, you are getting huge traffic and you want to move to better hosting. I recommend WPEngine for all high traffic website or blog. WPEngine offers your WordPress website the highest possible availability, speed, scalability, and security around the clock.

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