How To Write A Blog Post In 2021 (The Ultimate Guide)

Writing a blog post sounds a bit easy but there are few things we miss out while writing, here’s how to write a blog post, the ultimate guide, you should definitely check before you start writing a blog post.

It’s great that you have decided to start a blog. If it’s your business blog, you want to drive tons of traffic to your blog to generate more leads and business and if it’s your personal blog, you want to live laptop-style life (where you are your own boss). Whatever is your reason for getting into blogging but to make your blog successful, you need to make sure you are doing the things right.

I have seen many people (mostly the new bloggers), they just start writing on any topic without doing any kind of research or even without creating any kind of post formatting. Then they get disappointed when nobody actually reads their blog post or if their posts don’t get any comment or social share.

Then, there are many people who are new to WordPress and they don’t know how to write a blog post. Here in this post, I will address both the things. So, by the end of this post, if you are new to WordPress, you will come to know “how to write a blog post”. And, if you are already writing blogs for some time, you will exactly know how to write a blog post that gets lots of comments as well as social share.

Here’s How To Write A Blog Post

Here in this post, I will tell you how exactly, how I start with writing a blog post on my personal as well as the business blog. If you are new to blogging, you can follow the exact same steps given here and if you are already blogging for some time, there’s still a lot of takeaways for you in this post. So let’s start.

Keyword Research

Remember, you are writing a blog post for others not for yourself. So when you are going to write a new blog post, make sure the topic you are writing, people are actually looking for that or else you only will read your post or just a handful of visitors.

I have seen many bloggers, they just select any “XYZ” topic and start writing. Even if their blog post gets ranked at the top in the search result pages, they hardly get any traffic to their blog post. The reason is simple, nobody is actually searching for that post or that topic. And for such topic, it does not matter at all even if you rank higher.

That’s where keyword research becomes really important. Whenever you write a blog post, make sure you do the proper keyword research. This will help you find the right keyword for your blog post. You will also come to know the traffic you can expect from that post and also the competition in that keyword.

Pro Tips: If your blog is new, choose the low competition keyword initailly so that you can easily rank your blog post in search results.

Finding the right keyword also helps you in optimizing your blog post for SEO for that particular keyword. This will also help you in finding a long-tail keyword that will be easier to rank and you get a better conversion rate.

Write The Heading First

The headline (the title of your blog post or SEO title) is the first thing that people will see when they search your post topic or even when you share your blog posts on social media sites. You need to write a compelling title for your blog post.

If you don’t have a compelling heading for your blog post, there are high chances that your post will not be read or shared. That’s the reason I spend a lot of time and the headline first.

You can use a headline analyzer tool, it gives you tips to write a better headline for your post. The good title or headline should have – a number, power words, emotional sentiment, etc. Here’s an example of a good headline – ” Best WordPress SEO Plugins For Ranking Better In 2019 ” It has got a number “2021“, power words “Best, Better”, Emotional Sentiments “Better Ranking i.e. it talks about the result”etc.

Writing Blog Post (Content)

The most important thing that matters in a blog post is content quality. If the quality of your post’s content sucks, no magic can help it in ranking and also nobody will read that. This is the most important thing, you need to focus when you are writing a blog post.

Write a unique and in-depth content that covers everything about the topic you have selected. There’s no hard and fast rule in terms of the number of words in your blog post but I always suggest a minimum of 1000 words in a post (though the longer content works better as it covers everything about the topic).

In case if you are new to the WordPress Editor (Gutenberg), here’s the screenshot that explains everything that you need to add while writing blog posts, most of the things here are self-explanatory, the others are covered in the topics below.

write a blog post

Add Sub-Headings To Break The Content

Blog posts are usually long contents and thus you need to add sub-heading in your blog post to break the text content in different sections. If you do not use sub-headings in your post, it will be all text content and it will not be readable to your users.

Use Bullet Points, Bold, Italic, Etc.

If you want to make some parts of your blog post more prominent, use bullet points, bold or italic design elements. It helps your blog post readable nd also if someone looking for specific information from your post they can easily find that.

Add Category & Tags

When you are writing a blog post make sure you add it to a specific category. You can add a post to multiple categories if it belongs to them (do not add the same post to more than 2-3 category). Also, if you want, you can add tags to your post (I personally don’t add tags, As I write on selected topics only).

Add Featured Images & Images In The Content

Don’t forget to add featured image to your blog post, that image will be picked everywhere when you share your blog post on social sites. Also, use images in your post content and do not forget to add “ALT Text” to your images. If needed, add credits to the image in the caption. Here’s you can get free images for your blog post.

Optimize For SEO

When you are here reading for “how to write a blog post”, the most important thing that you need to make sure that you write SEO friendly content. You need to optimize your blog post for Important SEO Factors so that your post will rank well and you will drive tons of traffic to your blog.


These are some of the points that you need to consider when writing a blog post. I am sure if you are new to WordPress or Blogging, by now you must have got enough idea on “how to write a blog post” and if you have been blogging for some time, you must have got the idea “how to write a blog post that drives traffic and that gets lots of comment and shares.” Do not forget to implement these things when you write your next blog post.

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