10 Most Common Blogging Myths To Avoid

Blogging Myths

I meet with lots of bloggers and people who want to get started into blogging, I often see a lot of misleading opinions. Blogging is not a new thing, the concept of blogging is years or even decades old but I can still see lots of blogging myths all around the internet.

Different bloggers have different opinions about blogging, You can easily find lots of information online. Most of them are true but still, many of them are just a myth.

Here in this post, I will talk about the 10 Most Common Blogging Myths which you should not believe at all if you are a newbie blogger or just thinking about starting your first blog.

10 Most Common Blogging Myths You Should Not Believe

I am sure there are many misconceptions about blogging, it’s not just 10, but here I will outline the 10 most common blogging myths. I am sure by the time you finish reading this article most of your blogging misconception is cleared. So let’s get started.

#1 Blogging Is Easy

This is one of the most common blogging myth I have come across. If you are someone believe that blogging is easy, I am sure you are in a shock now.

Although set up and starting a blog is much easier these days (Thanks to the awesome technologies we have today), the process of blogging is not that easy. I am not trying to disappoint you but let me tell you that making a blog successful requires lots of hard work, dedication, passion and most importantly patient.

You can’t make your blog popular overnight, you have to spend time creating quality content, driving traffic to your blog, managing marketing campaigns and most importantly learning new things and implementing them to your blog.

Blogging has many benefits, but to become a successful blogger you need to understand this basic thing. If you have just started your blog or planning to start a blog and want to make it successful, you need to put lots of hard work. For anything you want to get in your life, you have to work for it.

#2 You Can Easily Make Money Online

I am not saying you can not make money from your blog. In fact, I know many top blogs and bloggers who earn thousands of dollars each month (or even more).

But it’s not that easy, they didn’t start making money from day one, it took months or even years for some to make their first income from blogging.

I have seen people getting into blogging, publish a couple of posts and see no incomes after a few weeks or months and they quit. Let me tell you, blogging is not a one-day game, you need to put your hard work for weeks and months. Even if you start earning from your blog, you need to work hard to multiply that income.

Don’t get demotivated here, if they can make money from their blog, if I can make money blogging, you too can. It just takes time, hard work and dedication.

#3 Just Set Up A Blog & Money Will Start Flowing

This is not true, you need traffic on your blog to make money. Most bloggers make money using Google Adsense or through affiliate marketing, to make such passive income or recursive income you need traffic on your blog.

Having just a few blog post won’t bring traffic to your blog. You need to continuously add new content to your blog to attract more traffic. Even if you have lots of posts and traffic on your blog and if you stop working on your blog, eventually the traffic will start decreasing.

Blogging is like any real business, once you stop working on your blog, the amount of money you earn from your blog start decreasing.

#4 You Have To Be Technically Expert To Start A Blog

Why do you need to be a technical expert in blogging? It’s one of the most common blogging myths which stops a newbie getting into blogging.

To start a blog, you just need to know the basic of operating a laptop or a computer and with just a few clicks you can get your blog running in a few minutes. In case if you are new, here’s our step-by-step guide to starting a blog, you can get your blog up and running in just a few minutes.

Blogging does not require technical expertise, it’s one of the biggest myth about blogging.

#5 You Have To Post Every Day

No, not at all, you don’t need to post every day. In fact, there is nothing wrong with posting quality content on your blog every day, if you can. I myself can’t publish a post every day on my blog. I have seen the blogger who publishes posts every day:

1. Struggle to maintain the quality of their posts
2. Don’t get enough time to promote their blog posts

Instead, I will suggest you, to post once or twice in a week. If you are just starting out, you can start with one post in 15 days as well and spend the remaining time promoting your blog posts to drive traffic to your blog.

#6 You Should Be An Expert Writer

This is again a misconception about blogging, you don’t need to be an expert in writing to start a blog and make it successful. Blogging is just about expressing yourself, you can be natural while writing for your blog.

Few people say you must have a good command of the English language to make your blog successful. Again it’s a big blogging myth, you can start your blog in any language, you are comfortable.

All that is required is writing good quality content to help your blog readers in solving their problems.

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#7 You Need Loads Of Traffic To Be Successful

Believe me, it’s just a blogging myth that you need loads of traffic on your blog to become a successful blogger. With just 1000 loyal readers you can become successful in your blogging career.

I am not saying huge traffic is not good, in fact, more traffic equals more income, but it will take time to build a huge reader base. If you just have 1000 loyal readers you can start earning a good amount of money from your blog. Just focus here to make loyal readers and followers.

#8 Blogging Requires A Huge Investment

It’s again one of those common blogging myths that stop people getting into blogging. Of course, in blogging, you have to make an investment but it’s much less as compared to any other business.

To start a blog you just need a domain name and a web hosting. Which will cost you approx 30-50 dollars (2000 -3000 Indian Rs) for a year, it’s not huge.

Of course, once your blog grows, you can invest more in various tools to further grow your blog. But to start with I would recommend staying with free tools available. Here are some of the tools to grow your blog, I personally use and recommend (most of them are free).

#9 No One Reads Long Posts

It’s again one of the blogging myths, I usually hear from people. Readers come to your blog looking for the information if your blog provides the information they need, they are going to stay on your blog.

I suggest you not to limit your creativity and thought in words. Here, it just matters the quality of your content. If the content you publish helps your reader, it does not matter if it has 500 words or 5000 words they are gonna read it.

My usual posts contain 1000+ words and I suggest you the same. Don’t restrict your thought and limit it into words. Focus on helping your readers. If your reader finds your post helpful they are gonna love it.

#10 Blogging Has Reached To Its Saturation

Don’t believe anyone who says blogging has reached to its saturation. Blogging was there ten years back and is going to stay in the future too. Something which has started a decade back it does not mean it’s going to die now.

I can’t see the future but the fact remains that blogging is one of the best ways to attract traffic to a website. As the internet users grow, there will always be people looking for the information which you can provide from your blog.

Blogging is here to stay, of course, it will evolve over the time, but will still be there in one or the other form.


So, these are the 10 most common myths about blogging. I am sure you are clear about these blogging misconception by now. If you are just starting your blog or planning to start a blog, I will suggest you avoid these blogging myths. These blogging misconceptions will just hold you and block your success.

If you have heard any other myth or misconception about blogging or if you have got any other bad advice about blogging, leave your comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.

All the very best for your blogging career. 🙂

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