10 Types of Blog Posts to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Types of Blog Posts to Drive More Traffic

Website traffic is very important to the success of any online business. Blog posts are an important source of driving traffic to your website or blog. If you are stuck for ideas as to what to write about next on your blog? Well in this article, I’ve compiled a list of 10 types of blog posts to drive more traffic, engagement, and Social Shares to your blog.

There are various types of posts that you can put on your blog to get more traffic. I suggest you to, experiment with different types of blog post ideas. Different people like a different kind of contents, and if you cater to a wide variety of audiences, it will help you convert your one time visitors to regular subscribers or fans.

10 Types of Blog Posts to Drive More Traffic & Engagement to Your Blog

As bloggers, we all get moments when we get stuck and just can’t think of any topic to write about. Even if we have the blog post topic, we are not sure if we get traffic on that post are not. If our blog audience will like the post or not.

Here in this article, I am going to talk about the 10 Types of Blog Posts to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog. These are the evergreen blog post ideas, which generally works in any given situation. Also, these types of posts are good to improve user engagement and to get more social sharing. Just pick a blog post idea and start writing good content for your audiences.

NOTE: I won’t give you the exact post topic, as this will close your creativity. I will talk about the blog post ideas which are proven to increase the traffic and improve social media engagement. You have to be creative to pick a topic, best suited for your readers.

So, let’s get started and see those 10 evergreen types of blog posts to drive more traffic, engagement and social shares to Your Blog!

#1 How To Articles (Tutorials)

This is the most favorite post type for all bloggers and this type of blog posts works really well. Most of the people use the internet to find a solution to their problem. “How To” blog post types provide solutions to any specific problem.

This type of blog posts can be easily created in every niche. If you are running a health-related blog, you can have topics like “How to lose weight?” “How to gain weight?” and so on. Also, you can provide tutorials on some tools you are using or a tutorial about anything.

Some Examples Of “How To” Blog Topics:

PRO TIPS: Use images, videos, infographics and other multimedia content to supplement your how to or tutorial posts, graphics improves the engagement.

#2 Case Studies Posts

Case studies are research-based articles. This type of posts provides immense value to the readers. Case studies are generally backed by lots of graphics and statistics.

A well-written and well-researched case study should have all the information, insights, statistics, resources readers need to learn anything and possibly everything about a given topic. This type of posts should be as detailed as possible.

Also, it has been seen that these types of blog posts get maximum social media sharing and other bloggers tend to link-back to case study articles.

PRO TIPS: Provide lots of statistics in your case study post and use lots of graphics well. Also, be as descriptive as possible and provide the complete insight about the topic selected.

#3 The List Posts

The list posts are I guess is the second best types of blog posts to drive more traffic to your blog. We all love this type of blog posts. This type of blog posts starts with a problem and then listing all the possible solutions or provides a list of resources.

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Again it’s very easy to pick a topic to write a list post and generally, you can write these types of blog posts in every niche. Again if you run a health-related blog, you can have a topic like “10 effective exercises to Reduce weight” or if you run a web agency you can have a topic like “10 ways to improve conversion from your website”. This type of blog posts really works well in all cases.

Some Examples Of “Lists” Blog Topics:

PRO TIPS: Try to keep the higher list numbers, For example “10 Best Smartphones” works better than “3 Best Smartphones” and try to be as descriptive as possible.

#4 Review Posts

As the name suggests this type of post is about writing reviews about a product or services on your blog. You could choose anything that is related to your niche and suitable for your audiences and post a review on your blog.

You can start with the products or services you are already using on your blog or in your day-to-day life. Also, you can post reviews of affiliate products or services on your blog. If you have recently read some book, you can put a review of that book on your blog for your audience.

A review post should start with the introduction of the products or services and then how to’s and then followed by the PROs and CONs of that product or services.

PRO TIPS: Provide the direct link (affiliate link) of the product or services you have reviewed so that your readers can easily locate and purchase that product or services.

#5 Checklists & To-Do’s Posts

Checklist & To-Do’s posts are somewhat similar to “How To” posts, but the difference is, It focuses on how to do something more correctly and ensure nothing is forgotten.

Again let’s take a health-related blog, you can have topics like “Do’s and Dont’s Before or After Exercising” or “Important Checklist Before Starting a Workout”. This type of blog posts has a higher engagement rate as compared to any other blog posts.

PRO TIPS: If possible, you should add a printable PDF of such posts. Also, you can ask for a share (increase visibility) or an email registration to download the PDF.

#6 Infographic Posts

Infographics as its name is a type of posts which has information on the graphics, it provides the information visually. It has been said that “a picture says a thousand words”. People love infographics and tend to share them on their own blog or on social channels.

Infographics are an awesome tool to communicate data, research, stats, and any other numerical information in a compelling manner. Although you have to be a Photoshop expert (or any other designing software) to create a compelling infographic.

Here you can find some amazing Infographic Templates.

Both the graphics and content in the infographics should be of the top-notch to be share-worthy. Believe me, infographic posts are great to boost the traffic to your blog or website.

PRO TIPS: Infographics are created to be shared, most of the authors put a code below their infographics which can be embedded on any blog. Search an infographic related to your niche and copy and embed the code to your blog post.

#7 Guest Blogging

Allowing guest blogging on your blog allows other people to write posts on your blog. You can not be an expert of everything, so having someone who is an expert in their field to contribute to your blog is a great way to provide quality contents to your readers.

Put an editorial guideline on your website for guest blogging. Also, keep in mind that often the guest blogger’s goal is to drive traffic or getting a back-links from your site to theirs. But if you provide quality, amazing, valuable content on a regular basis, your readers will keep coming back to your site and you won’t lose your own traffic.

Authors whose posts are published on your blog will share the post on their social media pages, which will get more visibility to your blog post and eventually more traffic on your blog.

PRO TIPS: Don’t put your guest blogging program on autopilot. You need to review the article and make sure they are original and the links in the article are not spam.

#8 Q&As Posts

Question & Answer posts are wonders for your readers. You can write a Q&A post on any specific topic. Choose a topic to write about and think about the questions your readers might have related to that topic and create a post answering those questions.

Also, you can ask your readers to submit the questions related to that topic or you can do a survey with your readers on your blog. Find out what they really want to know, what problem they are facing and then create a question and answer post.

PRO TIPS: For more such topic ideas, follow the blogs and forums related to your niche and note down all the questions people are asking in those forums. You can easily create a Q&A post compiling those question with your answers on your blog post.

#9 Interviews

Interviews are the types of blog posts that can really draw a lot of attention especially podcast interview or a video interview. Believe me, interviewing a big name in your niche will give you a lot of visitors and subscribers to your blog.

When you publish an interview with someone influential in your niche on your blog post, the person is going to share that interview on his own blog and on social media pages, which will eventually get you more visitors and visibility to your blog post.

PRO TIPS: In the beginning, you can start with the expert round-up post where lots of influencers would join in because they also like to see their name alongside other experts.

#10 Controversial Posts

Although I am not a big fan of controversial posts but believe me it really works. Controversial posts get the most number of comments and social sharing. It’s like taking a controversial stand with your audiences on some specific topic.

PRO TIPS: Controversial Posts are not suitable for every niche but if you do write, get things ready to back up your argument and be prepared for some angry comments.

Is That Everything?

Not at all. There are other types of posts too. Reports, Roundups, Breaking News, Stories and the list goes on. But the above-discussed post types are most popular and proven to drive traffic to your website and blog.

When deciding what kind of content you should put on your website, think about what kind of topic would most resonate with your blog audience. In the end, everything you do should be aimed at serving your blog audience.

Don’t afraid of experimenting with new blog types, you never know which is going to work for you. My suggestion would be to try different post types on your blog. Unless you try you won’t know which one is the best in bringing traffic to your site.

Now it’s your turn, I want to hear from you…What do you think about these types of blog posts? Have you ever written a blog post that worked like a magic to your blog and opened floodgates of traffic for you? What type of blog post was that?

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