Best And Legit Ways To Make Money Online From You Blog

Make Money Online From Your Blog

Now that you have got your blog ready and you have started getting traffic on your blog. It’s time now you can make money online from your blog. If you have not created your blog yet, you can read my step-by-step guide to start a blog.

Here I will tell you the best and legit ways to make money online and believe me these are NOT SCAMS. Most of the top bloggers in the world make thousands of dollars online from their blogs using one or the other techniques given in this post. So, why not you? why not me? Of course, we can do that too. In this article, I will share the 10 best and legit ways to make money online from your blog with little or no investment.

Important Warning: Before I start, let me tell you that, here I am not giving you any tips or techniques to become rich quickly. There is no shortcut for making money and if there is some, I know they are not legit so I am not going to talk about any such thing.

This article “make money online” is a comprehensive guide on how to make money online in legit ways from your blog. Many of these methods require some investment of time and/or money to get started. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll reap the reward. As these are the popular ways most bloggers making money.

Important Note: Before you can start using any of these methods, you’ll need to have your own self-hosted WordPress blog (If you don’t have your blog yet, I have created a step-by-step guide to start a blog for beginners, You must check it, you can start your blog in just a few minutes).

If you still face any difficulty to start a blog, contact me, I will help you with FREE BLOG SET-UP (you need to buy a domain and hosting from our partner sites). Once you have your blog ready, you can follow the methods below to make money online.

Here’s The 10 Best & Legit Ways To Make Money Online From Your Blog

I would like to add one important point here, All the methods discussed below may not be suitable for you or your blog. And also it is not required to use all the methods. You can use the methods that best suit you and your blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Google AdSense
3. Allow Sponsored Blog Posts
4. Paid Reviews / Banner Ads
5. Sell E-Books / Courses
6. Offer Freelance Services
7. Offer Consulting Services
8. Selling Products
9. Online Surveys
10. Accept Donations

Also, one more point here, the amount of money you can make from your blog is directly proportional to the traffic of your blog. You should aim at creating quality articles on your blog and generating more and more traffic. And then all these options to monetize your blog are open for you to make money online from your blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when you recommend some products or services using your specific referral links (tracking link), You will get paid as a referral commission as and when someone purchases that product or services using your referral link.

Say for example, if you recommend a product or services from a company you are already using to your friends and in return that company give you some gifts or discounts (maybe cash benefit) as a referral commission. This is called affiliate marketing, You are using some products or services, you are liking it, you are recommending to your audiences and getting paid for that. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, you can start with the products or services you are already using, check with the companies if they have any affiliate programs. (Check their website footer and look for “Affiliate Program”). Sign up with them and get a unique tracking link and start putting the link into your blog posts.

Make Money Online From Affiliate Marketing

There are many companies having these kinds of affiliate programs. You can easily find an affiliate program specific to your niche. Here I would suggest you, to recommend a product or services which you are already using or used in the past, Also the products are services should be related to your niche or else it will distract your readers.

You can start by joining these popular affiliate programs.

1. Amazon Associates
2. CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)
3. Click Bank

These are few big and popular affiliate programs, but you can also look for the specific company’s own affiliate programs. Many of the companies in every niche have their own affiliate programs. You need to sign up with them as an affiliate, once you have signed up and got your referral link, start putting the link in your blog and make money online.

2. Google AdSense

Google Adsense is an easy way to make money from your blog. All you need to do is Sign Up with Google Adsense and once your blog is approved with Google Adsense, add a script from Google to your website and start displaying ads.

Make Money From Google Adsense

Some people create a blog solely for ads and Google AdSense is one of the most popular ad networks today. Here you will get paid in two ways.

1. CPC: CPC stands for cost per click, Here you will be paid a certain amount when an advertisement from Google Adsense gets clicked.
2. CPM: CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions, here you will get paid when an advertisement from Google Adsense gets a thousand impressions on your blog.

NOTE: AdSense is only compatible with self-hosted WordPress blogs or custom-made blogs and on free Blogger blog, It won’t work with a free WordPress blog. You should never ever click on Google Ads on your blog (even for testing) otherwise you (your blog) will be penalized for the same, even your blog may get disqualified for Google Adsense.

3. Allow Sponsored Blog Posts

Another great way to make money online from your blog is to allow sponsored blog posts. Sponsorship works exactly the same way as it works in any other media. You can approach companies in your niche and offer them to post sponsored articles in your blog.

Note: You will get more sponsored blog posts only if you have good traffic on your blog and having a good number of followers on social media. The first thing here is to make your blog popular before reaching to a company for sponsored posts. Although you are not obliged to do, it’s good to mark those articles as sponsored posts for your reader’s clarity.

4. Paid Reviews / Banner Ads

Writing paid reviews is another way you can monetize your blog. You can approach the companies in your niche and suggest them that you would like to write a paid review of their products and services (Of course you may need to provide them some data, like traffic on your blog, etc.). Many of these companies may offer you a demo product or services to review their products or services.

Once your blog grows, you may start getting the offer from such companies to review their products or services on your post. Recently I have been approached by a company to review their SaaS-based product on my blog (It’s in the discussion stage as of now).

Also, you may allow Paid Banner Ads on your blog. The process is same as above. Initially, you may need to approach companies and convince them to advertise on your blog, once your blog grows these companies will search you for the same.

5. Sell E-Books / Courses

You can also sell courses or e-books from your blog to make money from your blog. Say for example, if you are already teaching something to your audiences on your blog. Why not create a course for the same or you can release an e-book and sell it on your blog.

To sell E-Books on your WordPress Blog, I would recommend Easy Digital Downloads, It’s pretty easy and you will start selling your e-books on your blog in just a couple of minutes (Of course you need to spend time creating that e-book).

And to sell online courses you can use an LMS (Learning Management System) Plugin for your WordPress Blog (Before that you will need to spend time creating the courses). Also, you can offer basic courses for Free and then you can charge for the advanced courses.

6. Offer Freelance Services

If you are blogging for some time, you are already an expert in your niche. Why should you keep your expertise to yourself only, when you can start making money offering your skills and expertise as a freelancer. Just create a page “Services” and list what all you can offer.

This is a great way to learn new things while making money. You can start by offering your services to your current audiences. For example, if you blog on interior designing, you are an expert in that and you can offer interior designing services to your audiences as a freelancer.

7. Offer Consulting Services

Consulting is another way you can make money online from your blog. Here you offer consulting services (suggestions and advises) to your audiences based on your expertise.

Say for example if you are an expert in web designing and blogs on the same, you can offer consulting services to the companies (your audiences) who are struggling due to their bad web designs. You can take an online (Skype) session and charge on per hour basis.

You can suggest the changes to their website so that it starts converting well. Also later you can send them an analysis report after analyzing their website.

8. Selling Products

Selling products is another way you can make money online from your blog. You can create products related to your niche and sell it on your blog, for example, if you blog on the fashion segment, you can sell fashion accessories to your audiences. If you blog on WordPress related niche, you can create and sell WordPress Themes or Plugins on your blog (Depends on your expertise).

Also once your blog gets popular you can sell stuff branded with your blog logo/name. This helps you in two ways you make money while selling your products and your blog reaches to many new audiences. Also, you may consider running some contest and offering products branded with your blog logo for free or at some discounts. This eventually attracts more visitors and traffic to your blog and you can make more money from ads on your blog. Also, you can take ideas from other blogs in your nice.

9. Online Surveys

Online surveys are another way you can make money online from your blog. This works well if you have a chunk of traffic on your blog. You can run paid online surveys on behalf of the companies and submit them the report at the end of the surveys.

Most of the companies hire marketing agencies to conduct the surveys for them. If you are interested in running online surveys on your blog then you need to reach out to these marketing agencies. One quick way to find such an agency is, search for the marketing agencies who provide “Surveys” as a part of their service.

But before you reach these agencies, first make sure you are getting enough traffic on your blog. If your blog is in the initial phase and you are not getting enough traffic as of now, this method won’t work for you then. You will only get survey projects if your blog has good traffic. I would suggest you, to spend time on your blog, write more engaging posts and first build traffic to your website before pitching the agencies.

10. Accept Donations

Last but not the least, another way you can make money online from your blog is simply to ask for it, you can embed a donate button (PayPal or any other) in your blog or in the blog sidebar and start accepting donations on your blog.

Accepting donations are last on this list because of its limited effectiveness, since you have to rely on the generosity of your readers. Of course, you can get more donations if your posts are helpful to your audiences in some or the other way (Still Less Effective). Here the best thing I would recommend you to offer something in return for their donations.

These I believe are the 10 Best and Legit Ways to Make Money Online from Your Blog.

Remember, Success Won’t Be Overnight

You need to understand here that your passion to make money online will not happen right away; You won’t start making huge money from day one; rather it will take some time. The online market is really very competitive today and building an online presence in order to make money will take some time, but don’t get afraid of this.

I would suggest you work hard on your blog, work overtime till your blog get the place on the first page of search engine result pages for your niche. Once you get that place and your blog started getting huge traffic, the money will start flowing into your bank account.

I would love to know, what’s your thought on these methods? Which method you are using on your blog? Also if you want to add any other ways to make money from the blog, please write it in the comment section below. Last but not least, Don’t forget to share this article on your social networks. Happy Blogging!


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